10 Platforms to Promote your Blog (Infographic)

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I mentioned about how business can make use of a chatbot and why businesses should have one, in order to serve the customer in real time and know what their customer wants. (If you haven’t read the article, don’t worry, click here to read the previous article). Today, I’ll be focusing on 10 platforms to promote your blog. This post is an infographic post and the image will illustrate all the details.

Though too brief it down, I have mentioned the major 10 platforms in the infographic in order to promote your blog to the masses. Be it any field of your blog, lifestyle, health, food, technical or any other blog promotion is necessary in order to get you more traffic and reach more people to connect with your blog.

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The main motive of writing a blog is to share the information with a huge set of audience which will not only like our articles but will also share it further to other people. Whatever you love, you like or you have experienced, you can convert that into a blog and start getting noticed and start sharing your experiences with the different set of people all over the world.

The list of different platforms contains a mix of social media platform, a micro-blogging site, forum and other. Check out the entire infographic below

Platforms to Promote your Blog


By using the above platforms as mentioned in the infographic chart, you can start making your blog noticed among users and across the world. Blogging can be used to make money and also to make your own personal brand online. It requires a lot of patience and time to get your blog noticed among people, but once it gets noticed, you earn quite a well.

Note: There are other platforms as well to promote your blog as well. These are some of the platforms that are majorly used and thus have been part of the top 10 platforms (infographic).

Hope this infographic helps you get more traffic on your blog and makes your blog noticed all across the world. If you like the article, do like, comment, and share the same and help others find the article in a much easier way.

Happy Reading! 🙂


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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