5 Artificial Intelligence fields that are Changing the way how Things Work

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I talked and briefed about how technology has grown over the years and how it has impacted us in our lives. (To have a look at the article, click here). With such continuous growth in the field of technology, there is a number of amazing advances and innovations that took place. One of those innovations is the birth of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is emerging and so the fields which come under the area of AI. Before discussing how AI is developing and how the 5 fields are changing the way things work, will be understanding how technology went on to grow and how AI emerged.

Technology has come a long way since its existence and now with Artificial Intelligence into existence, technology has gone to another level. The growth in AI is beyond imagination with various different techniques and methods to implement the same. From classifying your business records to predict the future outcomes, everything is possible with the use of artificial intelligence. Automated data processing and the use of robotic machinery has not only improved the accuracy in building products but has also helped in saving a lot of cost and labor. This saving further can be used in other tasks to achieve more output for your business or work.

Artificial Intelligence performs tasks in an intelligent manner (tasks are performed as we humans do) and thus it helps generate higher accuracy, efficiency, and productivity for the overall system. As machines don’t get tired of working and as they do not have emotions in them, they (machines) are not affected by any such feelings or emotions by which we humans are affected and thus the throughput of machines having intelligence is much higher. Intelligence in such machines are known for the ability to apply logic and generate a fruitful and accurate output for the end user. This intelligence in the AI system is determined by the knowledge present in the model (artificial intelligence system is built using a mathematical model) initially as a training data. Further, this data is then used to perform various tasks which help the user get better results.

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Based on such working of AI systems, there are majorly 5 fields that are included in the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence field. The 5 fields are the ones which are now the buzz word in the industry and companies and big corporations are now trying to make use of it and server consumers in a much better way. The 5 fields are as follows:

  1. Data Science: We all are aware of the fact that data is increasing and growing at an unprecedented rate and it is very important to organize such data and understand it. The understanding of data will not only help in organizing it but it will also help in managing your work and making you aware what impact data takes place. Data Science helps you manage your data, analyze it and create meaning for the data that you have. All this is possible by applying data analytics to the data and then coming up with some meaning that is understandable by the end user.
  1. Machine Learning: One of the most used word in the year 2017 in terms of technology advances in Machine Learning. Machine Learning is creating news/buzz each day with some new product launched by a company which makes use of ML techniques and algorithms in order to serve the consumer in a highly productive manner. Machine Learning allows companies and individuals to perform tasks that can help them classify, categorize and predict data from a given dataset. Machine Learning models are made by complex math level skills which are then coded in a language in order to build the entire system.
  1. Neural Networks and Cognitive Science: Neural Networks and Cognitive Science is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, which makes use of neurology. Neurology means the branch of biology that deals with nerves and nervous system of the human. Majorly this deals with replicating or imitating the human brain. The human brain contains an infinite number of neurons and to code the brain neurons into a machine or a system is what the task of a neural network is. By using a neural network and machine learning together, many more complex tasks can be performed with ease and many of such tasks can be automated.


  1. Image Processing and Multimedia Analysis: With the rise in data, we not only encounter with text data but instead we encounter with multimedia data as well which is in the form of images, audio, videos and much more. To understand this multimedia data, we need to use image processing and multimedia analysis. In such a case, the processing algorithms, process the data internally and try to understand what the data may contain and what information it will convey. By using this and understanding what your multimedia data has to say, we can make it useful for many smart purposes where an image is scanned and an output associated with that image is shown directly based on understanding the content of the image.
  1. Robotic and Embedded Systems: This field involves the use of hardware and software components both where both hardware and software take part together in order to provide a system that helps the user perform their tasks and work. Robots are used nowadays in manufacturing industries where the work is performed much faster, much accurately and much efficiently. This is possible with the use of robotics and embedded systems.

Other than the above-mentioned fields, there are other technology domains too which might indirectly make use of artificial intelligence. Though the above-mentioned ones are the majorly used technological fields which come under Artificial Intelligence.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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