5 “Cs” that can help you grow professionally

Hi guys! Hope you having a great time reading articles and gaining knowledge about the stuff that I share. Great, so today I’ll be talking about how following 5 Cs can help you grow personally and professionally.

We all wish to grow in a better way each day and gain knowledge about the thing we are doing. Be it your personal life or your professional life, you wish to balance both and achieve success both ways. It’s not only about you, I too wish the same. Everyone’s aspiration is to maintain and achieve that work-life balance which keeps them happy in both, personally and professionally. In this post, my context is in terms of professional life, business and based on corporate world. Of course it applies to personal life as well, but my focus will be restricted to professional life only.

So to do that, based on my personal experience and knowledge which I have, I’ll try to brief them down in a simpler manner and hope that it helps you’ll too. There are many other things which I haven’t experienced yet, but whatever I have, I would love to share it with you guys.

To list them down, I have selected 5 “C” which can help us grow. Now this growth depends on where you apply these 5 “Cs”. Of course sometimes there are different ways to apply things. As it’s said that a single problem has numerous solutions, it’s a quite a true statement.

The 5 Cs are:

  1. Clarity
  2. Courage
  3. Commitment
  4. Consistency
  5. Connect & Collaborate.

So I’ll make you dive into each one of them individually and I hope you gain something out of it.

        1. Clarity: When I talk about clarity, it is not just restricted to your goals or your ambitions in life. It can be anything. It can be a short term plan regarding a business, a strategy for your next venture or some plans with your family. It can include anything and everything. Now when someone says that being confused is not healthy or not good, it’s not right. Actually confusion is the root of all the clarity in the world. When you will be confused, you will find out different ways to get out of that confusion and in the end you will be clear on what you wish to do. Being confused is good, but not belonging to that confusion for a long time is good. In the end you need to figure out some or the other way out of it. This brings clarity. Possessing this Clarity means being Clear, Simple, Unambiguous, Definite and certain or sure. This clarity and simplicity is very essential in terms of personal and professional life both. When your goals, your ambitions will be clear, you won’t be hesitated in innovating things, because in the end you are aware of what you want to achieve and how you will reach there. If you aren’t clear enough, then you will hesitate, face hurdles and difficulties in innovating things and taking risks for your business. So be clear, definite, take risks and be sure on what you wish to achieve and how will you proceed ahead for the same.
        2. Courage: I had read somewhere, that “you need books to do a job, but courage to start a business”. Talking about this, I feel somewhere it’s true. You can do a job with the skills you have, with the skills you learn, but to start something a fresh, to something new and innovative, you need Courage. Courage means daring, in Hindi we say term it as, “himmat”. Courage brings bravery and this helps us in overcoming obstacles and hurdles that we face. I don’t believe in designing risks, but if an opportunity comes which is risky, but in the long run is profitable for people, for you, then you should be courageous to go for it and opt it. If you won’t, someone else will. So never fear failures in life. Hate them, but don’t fear them. If you fear to fail, you won’t have enough time to be confident enough to achieve success. Also this hate and fear of failure everyone experiences it. Use this as a method to succeed. Because if you hate failure enough, you won’t fail. So that’s what the 2nd C means. Be courageous, be brave, overcome obstacles and failures and win.
        3. Commitment: “Do not promise, instead commit”. Yeah that’s true. Many say that promises are meant to be broken, but have you ever heard this about commitment? No. Yes, I agree by the fact that promise and commitment are synonyms to each other and they are sometimes used for the same context. But still there is a difference. When you commit something it’s for your own self and promise is for others. Just like Discipline and Self-discipline works, the same way Promise and Commitment is. When you are committed to yourself, then you will surely do it within the given time or within the given restrictions (if any). Stay committed to self and things will definitely work so smoothly that after this you don’t have to promise anything to anyone. It will be delivered automatically.
        4. Consistency: Whatever you do, whenever you do, stay consistent always. It shouldn’t be the case that you did a task for 4 hours a day, but you won’t do it for the next 3 days. Na. Don’t do it this way. Instead devote a single hour to whatever task or work you wish to accomplish and work on it every day that single hour. Consistency will help you track your own self each day and this will definitely increase your productivity and your dedication towards work. If you love your work and you are passionate about the same, one of the best way to improve yourself is remain consistent with whatever you do and whenever you do. So the 4th one infers that be consistent and be more productivity.
        5. Connect and Collaborate: The last one tells you that connect with new people, meet them, understand and try to collaborate with them. Of course you don’t need to do this each day, but whenever you get an opportunity to do this, grab it. By connecting new people, you tend to learn a lot and this learning experience helps you in improving your life, your business and you tend to grow as a person. Real life experiences are the best thing you can get and the chances of this increases even more when you meet new people and connect with them. So the last one, 5th “C” conveys that connect with like-minded people and help each other grow with your ideas and strategies.

So that’s what my list of 5 “Cs” is. Implement these and see for yourself, how things change and how it helps you be a better person, both personally and professionally.

Do let me know your views on the same. Share your opinions in the comment section below.

Happy Reading!


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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