How Amazon made use of AI and developed Amazon Echo

Hello, everyone! In the previous article I detailed about how chatbots are changing the way, we users interact. (The link to the previous article is here, you can check out here). Today I’ll be talking about how one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, Amazon made use of Artificial Intelligence and developed a product called Amazon Echo. Artificial Intelligence is all about providing intelligence to machines and systems that understand you, that understands the user and works or takes action accordingly. In this article, understand how Amazon made it possible and how it went to develop a smart speaker which is called an Amazon Echo.

As we all are aware of the fact that Amazon is one of the biggest players in the e-commerce industry. It is also spreading its root in building technological smart products in order to serve the consumers at a better level. From small stapler to a big desktop computer and from all kinds of books to smart mobile and eBook readers, you find everything and anything on the platform. With its growing user base and clientele, it is important that Amazon focuses on improving better service to the consumers. And it does that. The service that is delivered, right from placing an order to getting your product delivered, it takes care of everything. Though with growing demand it aims to provide much better quality services and products. With this in mind, Amazon has recently launched its Smart Speaker device called the Amazon Echo.

Artificial Intelligence makes your device much smarter and better for the end user using it. It understands your mindset and keeps a track of your behavior. By learning what you want to do and what you wish to do, AI devices perform actions and give a response to you. This response is purely dependent on how you interact with the system. With such points in mind, the Amazon Echo works. Amazon Echo is a smart speaker device developed by Amazon, which takes voice as the input. Voice as input meaning, it acts as a voice recognition system and recognizes the human voice and based on the user voice inputs, the device performs a task. It uses a smart intelligent voice assistant system named Alexa.

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How does this work? It fetches the voice, understands whose voice it is, processes it and then responds to the user based on what input it (the device) has received through voice. It looks simple, but it isn’t. To understand human speech, and then process it, is a major task. Each individual is different and thus every one of us has a different ability to speak with a different tone, pitch, speed, and loudness. To understand this variedness of the voice and speech of a human is a major task. The next thing to overcome in such system is how to remove unwanted noise? For example, if you are giving a voice command to the device, but there is some external noise in the background, then it might be a possibility that the device might not understand your command. To overcome this problem, noise cancellation must be done through the device, for better efficiency and accuracy. Such tasks are performed by integrating Artificial Intelligence in them.

AI helps the device process better, understand better and makes it smarter for the end user. Considering such AI factors to understand human voice and speech, the Amazon Echo is designed and developed to perform a number of different tasks, some of them are as follows:
1. Tells you the date, time and weather: If you wish to know what day it is and how is the weather, it tells you about it.
2. Play Music: You had a boring day and coming home you wish to relax and without any hustle and work, you want some good music to be played, don’t worry Amazon Echo does it for you. You just need to speak which music to be played, and rest work the device does it for you.
3. Timers and Alarms: You have a meeting early morning the next day and your phone’s battery has drained out and you wish to put an alarm so that you wake up on time, relax. Once again Amazon Echo is here to your rescue. Tell the device the time you wish to wake up and an alarm is set automatically. No need of typing down or selecting time as you do it on your mobile devices. Just speak and your work is done.
4. News Updates: Been busy the entire day working and didn’t got time to access the news? Amazon Echo comes packed with a feature that will help you get latest updates and news. For example, if you want a score update on a match, just let the device know by your voice about which match you wish to know the score and there you go, you get the update.
5. Control Smart Home Devices: Amazon Echo connects to smart devices and gives the privilege to access them and control them through your voice inputs. That voice inputs first connects to the Echo device and it further controls your smart home appliance and devices.
6. Translate: The Amazon Echo also translates languages for you. For example, you can ask how do you say “Good Morning” in French and Echo replies with “Bonjour”
And many other functionalities and tasks are performed by the intelligent voice assistant Alexa, that is by Amazon Echo in order to ease human work and help them get what they want with extreme easiness and simplicity.

In the next article, I’ll be talking about its competitor device which is recently launched that is the Google Home and Google Home Mini. So stay tuned and bookmark the site, in order to stay updated with latest tech details and interesting articles.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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