Is Artificial Intelligence a Boon or a Bane?

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ll be had a great time enjoying the festival of lights, Diwali. The festival celebrated all across the country India is known as the festival of lights, in which we meet our loved ones, burst crackers, and eat lots of sweets and a lot more. Anyways coming back to the article, in my previous article, I mentioned about how having a web presence can help your brand stand apart and how it can be used for branding and recognition. (To read the article, click here). Today, I am back with another interesting article on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is one the most growing fields in the current market. So let us know more about the same.

Artificial Intelligence is known as such because intelligence is provided to computers, machines, and systems in an artificial manner. This process is made possible with complex mathematical algorithms and techniques which then processes the data and gives you the end result. It is the process of making things do as we humans do. Machines, Computer, and other Electronic systems don’t understand human. They process the data in a digital format (0s and 1s), but to process the data by applying logic and intelligence and making use of the data as we humans do, is what artificial intelligence is all about. Formally AI is defined as, “performing tasks and actions in the way we humans do, based on the knowledge it has”. The knowledge can either be stored directly or it can also be stored in real time based on learning of the system from the external environment.

AI is a field that has a lot of potential in the coming years and how you use it matters a lot. Be it for a commercial usage in the corporate world, or using AI systems as a product for your household or domestic purposes. It can also be used by individuals for fun and entertainment. What makes AI different is the ability to respond to user queries in real time and intelligently. This is possible with the knowledge that is stored in the system and also the model that is used to create the AI model (the model is a math model, which is used to help user get better results. Depending on what output is to be generated, the model is created and accordingly different algorithms are made to use). Every technology or everything that is consumed or used has two sides and each one of them has an advantage and a disadvantage to them. Similarly, even artificial intelligence can be a boon or a bane. Let us know how?

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Depending on what your model uses, how it uses, and for what motive it is used matters a lot for the end user and also during the development of the AI system. Artificial Intelligence is one of those branches in which advancements and developments can go beyond human imagination. Already there are many different sectors where AI is used and it has proved highly beneficial for those sectors. Talking about fields like machine learning, image processing, cognitive science and much more, AI is creating a presence in each and every field possible.

Now talking about whether it’s a boon or bane, it totally depends on the way you use your system and build the model (mathematical model built to create AI systems). There are two different kinds of data in an AI system, one is known as the training data and other is the testing data. The training data is the one which is used initially in order to build the system and this data is fed into the knowledge base initially before testing. While on the other hand, the testing data is the data which is used in order to test any new data or an unknown data which might not be present in the knowledge base.

So to make your artificial intelligence system accurate and reliable, it is very important to train the system efficiently with a good set of data and knowledge. Based on the training data, your output of the system matters a lot. The impact of the output or the end result depends on a lot of the training data that is fed to the model during the development of the AI system.


Here comes the main focus that is the phase where you train your AI model and make it learn and provide it with the knowledge base and allow it to perform few task based on certain inputs. All such factors depend on how your AI is.

Consider an example: You have 1000 images and out of those images you need to identify which are cancerous and which are not and further you need to predict an unknown image which comes as an input in the system. For performing such kind of task, you need an expert in the field of radiology, cancer treatment and likewise. Only with such high expertise, the knowledge base in the model will be good and the system will be reliable. If this is the case then here AI is a BOON.

But consider another scenario for the same example. Instead of domain experts, you have general surgeon specialist (the ones who are not specifically into cancer treatment), in this case, the result will be unreliable and would not be highly efficient for the end user. In such a case AI is a BANE.

Thus to sum it up, whether AI is a Boon or a Bane, depends on the following factor:

  1. The knowledge-based fed initially in the system.
  2. The way an AI model (the math model) is trained to perform AI tasks.
  3. The knowledge that is fetched from domain experts.
  4. The way AI system is trained to learn new things and update its own knowledge base.

Also with the growing field of AI researchers are continuously working and trying to integrate human cognition and brain with the AI. With such an advancement and growing use of AI, there might also be a possibility where AI becomes destructive to the world. But as mentioned earlier, it completely depends on the way you build the system and then uses it further for more productive purposes.

Based on such main factors, AI can be either a boon or a bane.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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