What Artificial Intelligence can do that Traditional Technologies can’t

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I discussed the skills that can help you get a job. In this competitive world, where everything is changing rapidly (especially technology) it is important to stay updated with the current trends and skills that are associated with the present requirement and demand. In the current ongoing trends and technology, Artificial Intelligence is the major one and it has created a huge hype in the recent times. In this article, I’ll be discussing what artificial intelligence technologies and techniques can do that other traditional technique can’t do. As AI techniques are unique in their own way of working, this has been the major reason that AI technology is creating a buzz in the market.

Artificial Intelligence consists of different algorithms and techniques that are used in order to process the data and gain some fruitful and productive output. The output of the system and the entire creation of the system totally depends on the algorithm or the technique that is to be used. Artificial Intelligence deals with many different areas of work, which can be applied in different walks of life. Be it for commercial purposes, domestic use or research-oriented tasks, AI can be made to use everywhere. If modeled (internal system) correctly, AI can be very fruitful and productive in terms of its results.

To build an AI system is not an easy task, as it takes a lot of computational time and processing power. Though once build, it eases the task to a great extent. Automatic processing, classification, prediction, grouping clusters, performing high-end analytical processing, multimedia processing and much more. What makes Artificial Intelligence different from other traditional technologies is the ability to gain information, process it and give a well-defined and a fruitful output to the end user. It is understanding what humans need and making the machines work as we humans do. On the contrary, traditional technologies, like software application (excluding AI integration), work on a certain set of protocols and beyond that, the system fails to work and function.

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In my previous articles about Artificial Intelligence, I have discussed how AI works and how it can be very useful for either commercial or personal use. But here in this case how different it is from traditional technologies and what AI can do but technologies can’t (or traditional technology can but requires high cost, time, and is not reliable). Artificial Intelligence is majorly used to understand the human behavior and work accordingly. A system provides the user with human-like answers by applying logic and common sense and based on that a conclusion is drawn. Traditional software applications and technologies fail to apply human-like logic and common sense and this is where AI can do those things which traditional tech can’t.

Artificial Intelligence is nowadays used in a number of different domains and fields including finance, manufacturing industries, educational sector, banking and much more. Without any doubt, AI is used in the field of science and technology for further research and improving the products and services that we tend to buy or use. As we have tons of data emerging in every field, AI systems can make use of such large set of data and it can help create more meaning to the data, which will further help the end user using the system. The concept of AI is simple which states that: “Systems and Machines will behave and work in a similar manner as humans do, by applying logic, intelligence, and common sense in various tasks such as predicting weather, classifying good and bad reviews, forming groups of music based on its genre and many more. Artificial Intelligence separates itself from traditional technologies by the way it applies human-like processing and logic.”

There is a number of operations that is not possible or it isn’t feasible by applying traditional technologies on them, but when AI is present, things become much simpler and easier. Following are some of the operations that can be done using AI, but not with traditional technologies:

  1. Analysing a huge set of data with millions and billions of records within seconds.
  2. Ability to understand human-like text and inputs.
  3. Classifying various items, records or data based on the dataset that the business or an individual has. For example: If there are 10 billion medical images which are to be classified in two parts that are either cancerous or non-cancerous. Imagine using a traditional technology here in this case; in this case, it will take loads and loads of time to understand the data and then further classify it by an algorithm. But on the other hand, when you make use of AI, things become faster, smoother and better. AI allows you to use direct algorithms or techniques in order to classify the images or make the differentiation. Though for many cases the algorithm is custom made and designed accordingly.
  4. Predicting future outcomes and results. Consider the case of a stock market. People invest lakhs and crores of rupees buying shares and stock of big corporations. Now just imagine if you had a software or an app, that would help you predict the future outcome of a stock company, wouldn’t it be profitable? It would surely be. And that’s what the magic of artificial intelligence is. But such systems can’t be built with traditional technologies.
  5. Artificial Intelligence allows you to work with multimedia processing and analysis. Multimedia elements consist of images, videos, audios, and other high-end graphic records. Understanding of such multimedia records with traditional technology and software is very difficult and next to impossible, but AI makes it simpler, easier and better. With AI there are various image processing, video and audio processing algorithms and techniques which are specifically used in order to analyze such elements.
  6. Creation of humans like robots and embedded systems which can be beneficial in the manufacturing industries and for huge corporations are all possible with the use of artificial intelligence. With traditional technology, it is time-consuming, not reliable and also not accurate and thus it isn’t useful.
  7. Cognitive science is the field of study of mind and its process. Integrating or working with cognitive science and AI together can either be a great boon or a huge disaster to mankind. It completely depends on how you train it, how you model it and at the end how you make it useful.

The above-mentioned works are the major ones that are implanted with the help of Artificial Intelligence. There are many another field of work as well. As AI consists of a number of different possibilities to solve the same problem with a different solution which consists of different algorithms, technique and much more there is a number of things that AI can do but traditional technologies can’t.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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