Artificial Intelligence is on the Rise

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to highlight the idea of artificial intelligence and how it is increasing each day. The evolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence is growing at an unprecedented rate. As artificial intelligence can be applied in all the major fields, the growth is really very fast.

The question that comes to the mind, when one thinks about AI is that, will machines ever replace humans? Will there be a time when the human brain will be connected to the computer system? To be honest, I don’t have a crisp, and an exact answer to the above two questions. What I can say, is that yes to some extent AI is going to dominate many industries and many business sectors. Briefly, AI includes automation, analytics, IoT (only to some extent when it consists of smart sensors technology), machine learning, computer vision and many more.

Automation now going beyond routine manufacturing activities, has the potential to transform sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail and also education to some extent, which involves a substantial share of knowledge work. By applying automation technology to such sectors it will help humans and the society in many ways. This can be applied in different ways, for example automation can be used to classify dangerous and harmful diseases in the healthcare sector, it can be used to predict the outcomes of your financial status based on your present and past financial conditions and it can be further used for different analytical purposes as well.

Artificial Intelligence nowadays is on the boom. Many start-ups and existing companies are trying to imbibe AI in their systems. Though the output generated is more accurate and efficient, implementing and imbibing AI technologies is not so easy. It requires a huge amount of expertise and knowledge in order to make it useful in a productive and useful manner.

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AI in very simple terms means to connect machines and humans in such a manner that they (machines and systems) work as if a human is evaluating the results and generating the output. Let me elaborate this and give more information on it. Machines understand only logic while we humans understand logic and apply common sense as well. But machines don’t possess common sense. Humans tend to learn from their experiences and they apply these experiences in future to get better results. But machines can’t do so, because they don’t learn from the external environment. Bridging this gap, leads to Artificial Intelligence.

As research is on-going on how to define common sense in machines and computer systems, the time is not far that systems will make decisions based on the common sense fed into them. This can be fed explicitly or the human brain can be mapped to the system. This is known as cognitive computing and neural networks where in the neurons from your brain are mapped onto the system or the machine.

Some of the recent facts and news that will help you know on how Artificial Intelligence is on the Rise, is as follows:

  1. Microsoft’s AI can now understand speech better than humans.
  2. AI improves cancer diagnosis.
  3. Google bakes machine learning into G Suite apps.
  4. Elon Musk builds a new venture named NeuraLink to interface brain and computer systems.
  5. Facebook in their recent conference announced the research in the field of BCI which means Brain Computer Interface.
  6. Self-taught AI beats doctors at predicting heart diseases.
  7. Artificial Intelligence is said to be the future of Cyber Security.

And many more. The list continues with each day a new development in the field of AI. Big companies and investment giants, VCs are betting high on Artificial Intelligence start-ups and companies. AI has already reached to us in many ways such as smart messaging applications like Google Allo, smart voice recognition in our smartphones, facial recognition and identification by apps such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

With us using AI technologies in our day to day lives, sooner or later AI is all set to dominate human lives, be it in the personal or professional sector both.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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