Why does your Business need to have a Website?

Hello, everyone! Last article I wrote on how you can get the right job and in the right industry with few additional skills. How reskilling yourself in few domains can help you land a job with a handsome package (For those who have not yet read, have a look now by clicking here).

In this article, I’ll be stating about why your business requires a website and what advantages it can have? How your website creates an impression to your consumers and to the world as a whole? What benefits you can gain with a website and how it can improve your presence? These set of questions, I’ll try to explain and sum it up

The website is something which showcases your brand, your products or your services through the World Wide Web. This brand of products or services can either represent a company/organization or a personal brand (for example a public figure, a celebrity, etc.). Their details are placed on the World Wide Web and the entire world can gain access to it, provided one should have an internet connection.

Once the products, services or you as a whole are part of the online medium, people looking for you, can easily gain access to it. It helps people to save a lot of time and also save money because all resources are accessible with an internet connection and a desktop/laptop/mobile.

After saving the consumers time and money, you help your brand increase its reach to a huge set of people. There are might be many customers which can’t commute to your store or your organization or they can’t meet you in person, so for them, a website helps a lot. With the ease of use, any person can access the company’s products or services and take a look on the same. They (consumers) need not travel to the store in person and be physically present. Virtually it becomes much easier, both for the consumer and also for the company/organization.

Digitization has increased to a next level and to survive in this cut-throat competitive world, you need to be different and you need to be creative with your brand of products and services. Because only being different will make you stand apart and will help you gain eyeballs of the consumers. This can be achieved simply by having a different, elegant, creative and a beautiful website.

With the birth of Digital India and Start-up India too, the online medium has seen a growth in its usage. From small to large business and from an individual shopkeeper to a collaborative team working on an idea, everyone is online and making the use of websites through the World Wide Web. Such websites help you reach an audience that actually want to buy your product or use your service. A web presence opens opportunistic doors for you through which you can not only increase your business but also diversify your business and expand it to more fields and domains.

One of the biggest advantage of having a website is that it does not require high cost (for a basic and simple website, yet beautiful and elegant at the same time), and in such a low cost, it increases the chance of getting more business to you. Gone are those days when you had to search for places to visit to get customers and clients for your business, instead today with digital technologies it has become much simpler, much convenient and much cost saving to connect with people. Networking with new people becomes simpler and it is also easier for a customer to get in touch with you with just a click away.

On click of a button, a prospective consumer/customer can contact your business for more information, can take a look on your business products and services, can order directly from his/her home to avail or buy the service or product if he/she wants, consumers can also share their views regarding your business with their network and much more. Such things make it simple for any consumer to buy the product or service offered by your business. This simplicity and ease of transaction also increases the usage of having a website for your business.

Your website reflects your business and thus your website should be quite impressive at its first instance. Almost 80% users, decide your business worth based on your website. Consumers decide whether they wish to do business with you or not depending on the quality of your website. So if you have a high quality website, with great design customers will be attracted and you might end up gaining more business. But if it is not, you might also lose your clients. So a website design, its appearance matters a lot to attract new customers and also to retain existing ones.

From a small child to an old man/woman everyone is using the internet and each day there are millions of search for a particular product or service. With such a huge amount of traffic over the web, it is surely beneficial to have a website and get potential consumers to use it.

To sum it up in points, following are the benefits and needs to have a website for your business:

  1. Increases your Brand Awareness
  2. Gets you, potential clients
  3. Helps you network with new people
  4. Gets your business to a global level.
  5. Reflects your business credibility.
  6. Your personal value increases in the market.
  7. Higher exposure, huge market to capture within your business
  8. Countless opportunities to connect and meet new people.
  9. New horizons to diversify your business in other sectors.
  10. And much more.

With such benefits and advantages, you surely need to have a website and connect to the consumers directly through the online medium using the World Wide Web.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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