Why your Business needs a Chatbot?

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I talked about how Digital Marketing can elevate your Business. Every business that you start or you own needs a few marketing strategies in order to create a brand awareness for your product or service. Once you do that, you are bound to get more reach for your business and gain more prospective clients. (For the ones who haven’t read the article, take a look here). Today, I’ll be focusing on how chatbots are important for your business and why your business needs it in today’s time.

We need to first understand how businesses are growing in today’s time. As we all know, now is the time of digitization and every business is being a part of the online medium and trying to connect with the consumers through the world wide web (internet). With such a cut-throat competition among businesses, it is essential to the serve the consumer well in order to retain them. If you don’t serve them (customers) well, they won’t be doing business with you, but if you serve them appropriately, then you have an opportunity to retain that customer and make them a lifetime asset for your business. To serve the customers in a rightful way, businesses should not only provide quality products or services to them but also connect with them, communicate and help them resolve any issues (if customers face any).

Resolving customer’s doubts and queries can help businesses grow and give them an opportunity to get more leads. Not just telephonic or email communication, but customer support in real time proves highly efficient to make the end user (consumer) happy. With such a real-time support, your business proves that it cares about their customers. Consider a two business scenario:

  1. A business that provides great and high-quality products, but doesn’t provide proper customer support. It lacks the ability to serve the consumers right after the delivery of a product or service.
  2. A business that provides good and quality products, along with that it also provides great customer support to their clients. This business has the ability to serve their consumers even after the delivery of a product or service.

After understanding and knowing both the scenarios, what do you think which business will get more customers and generate more leads? First or second? The answer to this question is that the second business will get more customers and will generate more leads. To make such support in real time, businesses can make use of chatbots. Understanding more about chatbot will make you realize why your business needs to have one.

Chatbots are automated messaging systems that work in order to help the end user solve some queries or doubts. In a chatbot, the machine replies to your queries in the form as we humans do. It works on the principle of Turing Machine. Turing Machine as stated in my previous article states that if there is a person in one room and a machine in the other, the machine will respond to the person in such a way, that the person will be convinced that his/her questions are answered by a human and not a machine. (To know more, click here). Chatbots in very simple terms are machines and automated computer systems that interact with humans in the way we humans do.

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The back end processing of chatbot is based on the knowledge base it has and accordingly the end user (customer) is provided with answers and made to believe that their queries are solved by a human (but that is not the case in reality). In reality, the queries are solved by the system or machines with the knowledge base (information) that they (chatbots) possess and based on that an output (answers) are provided to the consumer. Understanding what chatbots are, we need to now understand why your business needs one? There is a number of different ways, you can make your chatbot run and make it fruitful for your business.

    1. Chatbots can be used for Marketing: In my last article, I mentioned about how digital marketing can be helpful for your business, in a similar way chatbots can help you in terms of marketing. Every business requires marketing and it is important to solve customer doubts in real time. For example, through one of your marketing ad, a customer has a doubt regarding the price or the product, he/she needs to either call or email you their query, but what if there is a chatbot taking care of this? If there are chatbots used by your business, the customer can easily ask the chatbot regarding their doubt and get an answer within seconds (provided the chatbot consists a knowledge base within them). This proves highly impressive for the end user that his/her queries are solved in real time.
    2. Chatbots can be used for providing information: Your business is having tons of useful information regarding technology, media and other great information and a consumer wishes to gain such information, how will you do it? One way is blogging where you write articles and provide them with the information and the other way that you can do is by using chatbots. Chatbots provide the user with quick responses and answers the consumer’s query in real time and highly dynamic.

  1. Chatbots can be used to help you manage tasks: Consider that your business has a dynamic portal and it is very new for the consumer to use it. A chatbot can guide the end user step by step in order to use the portal efficiently. The guidance by a chatbot to the user will help the user get a good overview of what the portal is and will also provide a sense of satisfaction that the business is taking good care of them (consumer). This way a chatbot can be used.
  2. Chatbots can be used for Q&A purposes: Set of questions asked and set of answers given to the consumer in real time proves to very great advantage for your business. It makes your consumer stick to your business because your business is answering your consumer’s in real time and on point.
  3. And much more uses of chatbots.

There is also a number of advantages of using chatbots for your business:

  1. Quick and fast.
  2. Efficient and reliable (only when the knowledge base increases).
  3. Customer support in real time
  4. The customer gets a sense of satisfaction that the business is listening to their queries and doubts.
  5. The system never gets tired of responding to user queries and/or doubts.
  6. Saves your labor cost. As the one responding to user queries is a computer system, no labor job is required.
  7. The user is notified of real-time updates from the bot. It can work 24 hours and 365 days.
  8. Comes with your desktop/laptop systems as well as with your mobile devices and smartphones.
  9. Accessible anytime, anywhere with just an internet connection.


By knowing such advantages, you surely need to get a chatbot for your business. To get a customized chatbot for your business, contact Techno Code LLP. They are a Mumbai based IT and Digital services company providing high-end digital services to businesses and individuals. Contact them here.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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