Digital and Online Learning: A New Way to Pursue a Skill

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I talked about what artificial intelligence technologies can do, that traditional technology cannot do. There is a number of different artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms that will help in achieving automation and creating intelligent machines, but that is not the case with traditional technologies. Traditional technologies such as Java, C++, C and others do not have such high feasibility in order to build smart systems. Thus there are many such things that artificial intelligence can do, but traditional technology can’t. Today in this article, I’ll be talking about how digital and online learning can help you undergo a new skill.

With such growing technology and new tools, each day is a new beginning and there is a number of skills, technology, courses that can be learned through the digital medium. Various e-learning platforms allow the user to register themselves and begin learning with ease. Courses from designing graphics to designing buildings, everything can be found on the internet and the online medium. As the internet is global, the entire world makes use of it. With such an advantage, people throughout the world connect and collaborate with one another and help each other in growing. The growth can be in terms of personal or professional level, but what important is that you are growing.

No doubt, using the internet and the online medium matters a lot. It completely depends on the user. A user can use the internet for their growth or for their destruction. It completely depends on how you make the internet useful for your own purpose. There are loads of informative websites which provide with amazing insights and information on the current trends in the world, news websites providing with world news, tech updates, sports updates and much more. All this information collectively helps you in learning and growing your mind. Besides such general knowledge which helps you in a great manner, there are also various mediums where you can opt for an online course and get certification in a specific field.

Online courses provided by a number of e-learning platforms and other websites as well help you pursue an altogether new skill and gain knowledge in the same. The course can either include a certification or it can be just to learn new things. Majorly certifications are available for different courses online which are paid. The courses include short-term courses, crash courses, major degrees, specializations and other, depending on the type, of course, that is available and also on the provider that is providing the course. A number of different courses are available on the online medium which can help you learn a new skill and can make your career graph shoot up. Some of the courses that you can opt are listed below:

  1. Courses on Mobile Application Development including Android, iOS, Windows: The courses are for the users, who are excited to develop their own mobile application with any of the operating systems which might be android, iOS or windows. Such courses consist of programming the application with database knowledge. A user having basic knowledge about programming can be an added advantage for the same.
  2. Courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence: As data is increasing and we know about the same, it is important to create the meaning of the unstructured data to the end user using the system. The courses deal with the understanding of data, statistical techniques, modeling of the data, machine learning techniques, image processing, AI-based algorithms and much more. Such courses are either available as a specialization course or as a crash course on a number of e-learning platforms.
  3. Courses on Entrepreneurship and Business: Are you planning to start your own start-up or do you wish to expand your business with new and innovative techniques? If you are wanting to do this, then this course is a must for you. Such courses are available on a number of websites (I’ll be listing down the providers of such courses below as well).
  4. Courses on Digital Designing, Graphics and Animations: If you are having a creative mindset and wish to paint, draw, click pictures and do a lot more out of it, then these kind of courses are for you. Such courses are usually for short span of time, but if taken a specialization then these courses are usually of the span of 6 months or more.
  5. Courses on Web and Software Development: Every local business requires a website to be a part of the online league and face the competition. By pursuing such a course, your demand increases as web and software requirements are usually increasing with the increase in the use of digital platforms.
  6. And many others as well

The above-mentioned courses are the major ones that are usually pursued depending on your interests and also according to the demand in the market as well. There are other courses also which can help you pursue and learn a new skill and course. The major provider of such courses and learnings are as follows:

  1. Coursera
  2. Udacity
  3. Udemy
  4. Lynda
  5. LinkedIn Learning
  6. Edx
  7. And many other

So whom are you waiting for? Know your interest, select a course and start a new beginning by learning a new course. Do share which course are you opting in the comment section below!

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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