Digitalization and Not Digitization is Important

Hello everyone! Today my article is on the importance of digital world, significance of digitization and digitalization and what influence it can have on a consumer’s life, and/or on the world as a whole. Okay, so let me start by asking you all one simple question, “What comes to your mind, when you plan to do business with a new company?”

Few things that strike your mind are their products, their services, their portfolio of work and many others. But what comes first in your mind in today’s scenario? You initially give a thought, of how good online presence this company must be having. What digital technologies and tactics is the company making use of, which is helping them reach a better audience and gain more leads. How must be their digital strategy in order to connect with consumers and business organizations as well?

Of course, being a brand is everyone’s dream, be it an individual brand or organizational brand. But to be famous is what everyone wants. Digital Media and Social Media is increasing at an extraordinary rate and communicating with people has never been so easy. The world is connected to you in a much better way and also you are connected to the world with easiness. So in this phase, each one of us, wants to achieve the position where the world can reach to us. And this will be done with the help of Digital Media, with Digitization and implanting Digitalization in your company and organization.

To talk more on digitization and digitalization, thinking beyond brick and mortar, I’ll be discussing on majorly four things:

  1. “The What?” of Digitalization.
  2. “The Why?” of Digitalization.
  3. “The How?” of Digitalization. And Lastly with
  4. Difference between Digitization and Digitalization

Answering these questions with utmost simplicity, I’ll frame them in an interesting and stress-free manner. So let us all know something more about Digitalization in detail.


What is Digitalization?

To know about Digitalization, first let me make you aware of what Digitization is? Once you are aware of what digitization is, it will be much simpler for you to grasp details about what digitalization is.

Text book definition of digitization states that, “the conversion of text, pictures, or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer.” This one’s more formal and not so convincing. No problem, I’ll make it simpler for you all.

Before that, let me talk in more technical terms (don’t worry not complicated technical jargon, understandable but technical in some ways). Digitization is the process of converting your information in to the digital format. Now in this format, the information is arranged and is organized in discrete unites (digital form) which are known as bits. Now computers and machines, only understand binary data (i.e. 0s and 1s). Digital data is such a data, which will have values either 0 or 1.

Now Definition of Digitalization is: Integration of digital technologies in everyday life by the digitization of everything. Everything includes all the stuff which can be conveniently digitized and used in a more efficient manner.

Talking in terms of business, Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. Briefing it in very simple terms, “the adoption or increase in use of digital or computer technology by an organization, company or individual is Digitalization.”

Why Digitalization has become so important?

Today when someone asks me, “What is the key to succeed in this competitive market and scenario?” My answer is very simple and merely 3 simple words; “Digitize your Business”. I say this, not because I have my own company but instead I genuinely feel and think that digitizing your business will surely help you succeed in a better way.

Digitization, the usage of digital media and electronic goods is increasing and this in turn leads to increase in more and more technology. When technology increases, digital mediums increase. And it’s quite a simple logic that if digital medium increases, people will use it more and thus it might turn fruitful for your business.

Businesses and Organizations need more reach of their brand/product/services, more footfalls on their store or industry, more visitors on their website (if the organization is already using digital mediums), more leads out of these footfalls and visitors. So as digital mediums will increase, imbibing them will help you reach better audience and more audience too.

Every youth, wanna be entrepreneur, an aspiring start-up founder today start their business either by a website or by first building their presence online. Have you ever given a thought why? They start this by building their online presence initially, in order to connect with more people before they shell out their product and services to the consumers. Once they know, that yes people are attracted to our business, they launch their product/service and then people readily use it (as the trust factor grows).

Building trust is very important. Honestly today, the customers like you, I and we all have been spoilt by all the big companies. We all get attracted to great offers and discounts online and thus we buy more stuff online, including me. This has largely affected small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and thus they now need to use the digital platform in order to sustain this cut throat competition.

Digitization or Digitalization

How Digitalization can be done?

Digitalization represents an essential incentive to increase the enterprises ability to play a greater role on international markets and there are multiple ways to realize it. With the digitalization the way of producing, sharing and communicating of an enterprise changes. Besides having simplified our daily life, digital has created new possibilities of development  for all those enterprises that can keep up with changes and know how to take advantage of new opportunities, with the result that today more and more companies decide to progress in order to not be left out and have the possibility to emerge on the markets.

How one can achieve this? Quite simple. Though for some, it might sound expensive or costly but it’s affordable and cheap to some extent and in many ways.

  1. Build your online presence on all the major social media platforms. If not a technical guy, hire an expert (affordable only to certain level. Cost varies from expert to expert).
  2. Register your business on Local search Engines. Local Search Engines include, JustDial, YellowPages, Suleka and many more. Global Search Engines include, Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. (Both are useful. No technicality required).
  3. Get a website. Website helps you have a better impression and great impact on the consumer. (Can hire an expert if ready to spend. If not there are various website builders and DIY (Do It Yourself) sites which help you build good and appealing websites).
  4. Focus on your niche and work accordingly. Every business, every product and every service has a particular set of audience who are interested in, focus on them and target them first. The more you target your niche audience, more leads will be generated for your business.
  5. It’s a mobile world. Yes, indeed it is. Get a responsive website (mobile-ready websites), mobile application (might be costly, but worth investing).
  6. As mentioned earlier, use social media. Do not use social media to chat or talk much (talking and chatting with people is much better in person). Make your prime focus to use social media as your business tools. Connect with people, build networks and use them efficiently and at the right time.

These techniques will surely help you increase your online presence and help you achieve digitization.

Difference between Digitization and Digitalization (Digitization V/s. Digitalization):



Processing of information over the digital medium and into digital formats Make use of digital technologies to achieve digitization
Digitization means conversion of analog form to digital form Digitalization means that business now uses technology to engage with people to precisely address their particular needs
If you scan a document, you digitize it In this case, you don’t digitize your business, you digitalize it.

So what are you up to? Are you Digitizing or Digitalizing?

Now it’s your turn. How are you using digitization and digitalization in your business? Add a comment below to let us know.

Happy Reading!


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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