How Entrepreneurship is Reducing Gender Inequality

Nowadays we are hearing a lot about gender inequality and its rise in all the fields. Be it education, professional work or any business, gender inequality has taken its place and has increased. With the recent comment by a former google employee, this topic of gender inequality has again been taking rounds on social media and also in our lives. To make people aware about what exactly gender inequality is all about, the present scenario of the same in different field and how entrepreneurship is changing this and reducing the problem of gender inequality.

Gender inequality is an idea by which a men and a women are not equal. Not equal meaning, their thoughts, perceptions and ideologies are not treated equally. This arises highly due to the society we live in. Men are given more importance, treated well, respected more about their thoughts, but this is not the case with the women living in the society. They are either misinterpreted, judged or even compared. Every female must have experienced this in her life at least once and they must have given a thought that, “Is it so wrong to be women in the world?” To all the females and women, the answer to your thought is NO. There is nothing wrong in being a women or a female. The problem is with the person’s mentality who thinks that a women cannot achieve something in her life.

It is very important to consider men and women in an equal manner not because it is meant to be like that, but because women are coming at par and achieving more than men in the society. Talking in different fields like education, professional work or even business, women have reached a stage where their knowledge, work and ideas are similar to any men and many a times even more than that. Then why is still there a bias? Why any workplace in the country holds men as the majority and why not women? The answer to this is our THINKING.

From many years people have made up their mind that men are supposed to work, earn and feed the family whereas women are supposed to stay at home and do household jobs. But this has changed in today’s times. Today if you are thinking that women are not capable of doing anything, then my friend you do not know what is happening around in the world. You need to look around, you need to look beyond your boundaries and see for yourself how the world is growing and how women are achieving even more in some fields than men.

Talking about these points and about how women power is increasing, I am not against the growth of men. It is important and it is equally important as that of any women. In fact no one should be. If you wish to be against of something then be against GENDER INEQUALITY. Gender inequality shakes our roots as a person, creates a bad impression the world, shows up one’s mind. It needs to be avoided and overcome in such a manner that there is no bias between men and women and everyone is treated equally, given equal opportunity and equal respect in any field.

Entrepreneurship has played a major role in reducing and overcoming gender inequality. Entrepreneurship in very basic terms means “an activity of setting up a business or many businesses, taking financial risks in order to generate huge profits.” It is a spirit through which you build something, you innovate something and you deliver something to the world. This concept of building business has reduced gender inequality to a great extent. The question here is HOW?

Building business, innovating something and ideating something doesn’t require you to be a male or a female. Anyone with a good idea can hit the bullseye in business and gain a respectable position and reputation in the market. This opportunity has opened gates for many potential females and women who were trying to make a mark on the world with their ideas, but couldn’t make it before, due to inequalities, society pressure and other constraints. But now the scenario has changed.

In the world full of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, it doesn’t matter at all whether you are men or women. What matters is the idea that you have, the approach that you will apply to solve a real problem and how will you make a greater impact on the lives of the people in the world. That is what matters in entrepreneurship. It has tremendously reduced the gender inequality in our society to a great level. There are so many female founders and women entrepreneur with amazing products and services to offer which genuinely solve real problems of people. The journey is never easy, and yes it is difficult for any men and women but what is important here is that there is no bias based on gender basis or any other parameters. Your work is good, your product is good and that’s what matters.

Some of the women entrepreneur are listed below, who have proved that gender is not an issue if you have the gut to move ahead and do something.

  1. Shradha Sharma: YourStory Media
  2. Aditi Gupta: Menstrupedia
  3. Anisha Singh:
  4. Neeru Sharma:
  5. Radhika Ghai Aggarwal:
  6. And many more….

These women have not only proved that they are good in their work, but have also proved that if you a dream to build something from scratch, you can do it and for that gender does not matter.

Entrepreneurship teaches us the lesson that everyone is welcomed in the market to solve real problems irrespective of their caste, creed and most importantly their gender. This opportunity of entrepreneurship growing each day has reduced a lot of gender inequality in a great way.


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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