Facebook all set to take on Musical.ly with its ‘Talent Show’ Feature

Hello, everyone! In the previous article, I wrote on how WhatsApp with its new update allows the user to have a group video call and connect multiple people at once. As mentioned in the article, a maximum of 4 users can be connected to the call and the quality seems to be quite good. Know more on this recent update of WhatsApp. Today, I’ll be writing on how Facebook is bringing in a single competition in order to tackle its rival Musical.ly.

For the users who do not know what Musical.ly is, do not worry. Musical.ly is a platform similar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. It is more focused for a short video and audio contents. Its a Chinese social media platform used for video creation and live broadcasting and its first launch of the app was in the year 2014. The Musical.ly application allows users to create videos from 15 seconds to one minute, by providing the users with additional features like, they can manipulate the speed of the video, use different filters and effects and a lot more than this.

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The social media platform supports both iOS and Android and has currently around 200 million registered users and through these registered users, each day approximately 15 million videos are broadcasted. The platform consists more of the young traffic of kids, teens and set of adults as well.

When comparing with Musical.ly, Facebook is a lot more than just video creation and live broadcasting, instead, it consists of all sorts of data sharing. Facebook allows individuals, businesses and other organizations to make use of the platform for their personal and professional growth by using different groups, building pages and community with like-minded people all over the world. Facebook consists of a large user base as compared to Musical.ly and from young individuals to giant corporates, everyone makes use of Facebook in order to connect, share and grow.

With few reports in the tech market, it is known that Facebook is developing a ‘Talent Show’ feature. The feature would allow the users to record their videos while singing and allowing users to create lip sync videos similar to what Musical.ly allows the users to do. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong found a code of Facebook and some elements that depict that Facebook is working on something interesting and is similar to the Musical.ly application.

Image Courtesy: Researcher Jane Manchun Wong

The code allows users to pick a song from a preordained list, record themselves singing the song, and submit it for judging. The competition aspect would also allow Facebook to compete with YouTube as a means for new talent discovery.

The feature works in the way, where users can select any popular song and then record the same with their voice, helping them create lip sync videos. The feature possibly is restricted to only pages and only the page admins can start the Talent Show. Introducing this feature, the social media giant will surely take on Musical.ly and will affect the latter platform a lot.

Image Courtesy: Researcher Jane Manchun Wong

Though an official statement of this feature is yet not released by anyone from Facebook, this feature seems to be coming live soon and will also help in many aspiring singers and artists to make use of it and become famous over the platform and social media.

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Author: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal


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