Google Home and Home Mini: The Smart AI device to simplify your tasks

Hello, everyone! In the last article, I detailed about how one of the biggest e-commerce giants made use of artificial intelligence and developed the Amazon Echo. Echo is a smart speaker which consists of an intelligent voice assistant system called as Alexa. (To know more about Amazon Echo, you can take a look here at the article). In this article, I’ll be talking about the biggest software company, Google too developed a smart home device and named it as Google Home and Google Home Mini. Both devices were launched separately and with different motives in mind.

Google needs no introduction. We are all aware of how the company works, what kind of services it provides and also how it is venturing in new businesses to serve the end user and consumer even better. Google has also started developing different products. The set of products developed by Google comes under the roof which is known as MadeByGoogle. The first set of products developed under MadeByGoogle was in the year 2016 on 4th October. On this date, Google released a different set of products including the famous Pixel smartphone, the Google WiFi router, the Google Home and many other. With continuous development and research within the organization, Google aims to build products and services that will be used by billions of people all across the globe. Their products are not limited only to a certain set of audience, instead, they keep in mind all sets of people all over the world.

Recently just a few days back, Google launched their second version of products under the same banner, MadeByGoogle and launched more set of products. Those products included the following, the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL Smartphone, the Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, the PixelBook (Chromebook that is a laptop powered with Chrome operating system), the Google earpods, the Google clipboard camera, the Google Pixel Pen and much more. Talking about such products and knowing how Google is continuously researching in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it becomes quite obvious that such devices are smart devices and powered with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. In this article, I’ll be focusing only on two set of products, that is the Google Home and Google Home Mini.

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The Google Home and Google Home Mini are one of the biggest competitors to the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo powered with an intelligent voice assistant called Alexa, understands and processes human speech and voice and performs certain tasks based on the user input. Google Home and Google Home Mini, work in a similar manner. Both have different hardware, different kind of accuracy in terms of understanding human speech and both have different features as well. Both the Google Home devices are powered with an intelligent voice assistant system which is known as the Google Assistant. It’s a personal intelligent assistant service system. It can perform all the major user task from calling a phone number to controlling your home gadgets.

Will dive into their feature list below, first let us see how the Google Home and Home Mini are designed. The original Google Home launched back in the year 2016 is of a cylindrical shape. The top surface of the device comes packed with different colored LED lights. Also consisting of a capacitive touchscreen, the device allows you to start and stop music on the device, manage volumes of your music being played and the base of the device consists of a mute button. There is a number of different color variants in which the Google Home is available, out of which some of them are, Mango, Marine, Violet and also few metallic variant designs.

On the other hand, the Google Home Mini was launched recently a few days back on 4th October 2017. Its another variant and a smaller version of the original Google Home. The design shapes a people like structure with around 4 inches of diameter (looks like a shape of a donut) Packs a mute switch with a micro USB port to power the device. The Home Mini is available in three color variants, namely, Chalk, Charcoal, and Coral. This device is compared with Amazon’s Echo dot and Google Home is compared with the Amazon Echo.

The Google Home and Home Mini both work on the principle of artificial intelligence, wherein a human voice input is taken, it is understood, processed and then an outcome is made and action is performed. The aim of the action to be performed is to simplify the overall task of a human and reduce his/her time. The features of the Google Home are as follows:

  1. Hands-Free Calling
  2. Bluetooth Audio
  3. Get Answers directly from Google, regarding any news, facts, sports, word meaning, calculator and more.
  4. Translate languages.
  5. Play Music, Audio, News, Podcasts and much more easily.
  6. Set Alarms, know your region weather, get traffic information, travel guide and a lot more to get help from the Google Home
  7. Smart devices and home appliances control directly through the Google Home.
  8. And much more.

On the other hand, the smaller version of the Google Home, that is the Goole Home Mini, comes with the all the features of the original Google Home but it’s a much smaller in size and less costly as well.

This is how, companies such as Amazon, Google are running the race of artificial intelligence. In the next article, I’ll be providing a comparison of both the Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Stay Tuned and don’t forget to follow us on social media with the name TechnoITWorld.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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