Google Home versus Amazon Echo: Smart Devices Powered with AI

Hello, everyone! In the last article, I detailed about how Google developed Google Home and Home Mini under the banner MadeByGoogle for consumers. Also, I discussed the fact about how artificial intelligence is used in these devices in the form of a smart intelligent voice assistant system. (You can have a look at the previous article here if you didn’t read it yet). In today’s article, I’ll be comparing the two big giants smart products, that is the Google Home and the Amazon Echo. Both devices have a smart voice assistant and both work in a similar manner. Yet the two devices differ in terms of their efficiency of understanding the human speech. Also, we will take a look out their features and check how different they are from each other in terms of tech specs.

Talking about the voice assistant systems, these systems understand human speech and processes it further in order to perform a task or an action for the user. This action purely depends on what the user conveys to the system through its voice or speech. Intelligent speech processing makes use of AI and understands what the end user actually wants. On the more technical side, systems understand only digital signals (that is 1s and 0s), but our speech is in analog form. It’s variable in terms of loudness, tone, pitch and many other parameters. To make the system aware of such signal, to process it and then to come to an outcome is all that the voice assistant does, making use of artificial intelligence (as it understands human behavior).

Starting with the Google Home, the Google Home was launched under the banner MadeByGoogle in the year 2016. Google aims to develop products for the long run and products which will be used by millions and billions of people all across the globe. With such a vision in mind, Google developed the Google Home. The Google Home is a smart device, assisting users to ease their various operations and tasks. From setting up an alarm to controlling your home devices, the Google Home is made to do almost everything. It is powered with the intelligent Google Assistant system. Whatever updates you require be its latest news, sports update, tech news or other, you just gotta speak in front of the device and you’ll be provided with all the updates.

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The Google Home was launched in the year 2016 and was designed in cylindrical shape. The top surface of the device consisted of different colored LED lights. The device also had a capacitive touchscreen, it allowed to start and stop music on the device, manage volumes of your music being played and it’s base of consists of a mute button. Available in a number of different color variants, out of which some of them are, Mango, Marine, Violet and also few metallic variant designs. Talking in terms of features, the device consisted tons of feature such as hands-free calling, setting alarms, getting weather news, latest news and updates, smart home controlling system, live streaming television, Bluetooth audio, language translator, and a lot more.

On the other hand is the Amazon Echo is developed by the e-commerce giant Amazon. It comes with voice assistant system called as Alexa. Similar to the Google Home, Amazon Echo is designed in a cylindrical shape but is much taller and slightly thinner than the Home. Comes in two different color variants, black or white and has two buttons, one is for turning the microphone off and another is a multipurpose action button. The top of the Echo consists of a volume ring that lights up whenever the Amazon Echo is activated. The Amazon Echo has almost similar features as that of the Google Home like setting up alarms, getting news and latest updates, weather updates, music player, smart home control and much more.

Comparing the Google Home and Amazon Echo:

The sound quality is of higher quality in Google Home as compared to the Amazon Echo. The sound might not be too loud, but it is clear, crisp and clear to hear. In terms of music and sound, the Echo supports Amazon Music, while Home supports Google Play Music, TuneIn Red, and YouTube Red.

Voice control system in both devices is based on an intelligent voice assistant system. The Google Home starts up by saying, “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” whereas the Amazon Echo starts by saying “Hey, Alexa” or “Alexa” or just by saying “Amazon”. Both devices can hear your voice from a max 50 foot of distance. The Google assistant system in the Home is better at giving intonation from the web (web related queries), whereas Alexa in the Echo is better at giving shopping information (shopping-related queries). Google Assistant is much better at conversing. It remembers what you speak, and continues the conversation on what you wish to do.

The Google Home and Amazon Echo both control smart home devices and appliances, but Amazon leads this race by taking control over more devices than Google. Except for Chromecast, Amazon also supports many additional devices that can be controlled through the Amazon Echo.

Both devices can be used to connect to the WiFi. Though based on various reviews and testing done by different technology experts, it’s said that the Google Home is weaker connecting to WiFi as compared to the Amazon Echo. There are also many third party software or skills that are supported by such devices. Though where the Google Home supports 200 third-party skills, like ordering food or booking a cab through uber, Amazon Echo supports over 11,000 skills. It leads with a huge number when compared to the Google Home.

The cost for Google Home is $130 and that of Amazon Echo is $180. The device which you wish to have solely depends on what you are looking for. If you looking for a good appealing design with good sound quality and if you are major work is getting information through the web, then go for Google Home. On the other hand, if you wish to do major tasks and perform third-party operations more then go for Amazon Echo.

Overall, the Amazon Echo leads in having more third-party skills and support, whereas the Google Home leads in having great sound quality, amazing design and great support from the web.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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