Google Launches Machine Learning Course for the World

Hello, everyone! The last article that I wrote was long back which was 2 months ago. After this long break, I am here with the latest article focusing on the news stating that Google, the tech giant, has launched a machine learning program for everyone. In my previous articles, I have always try to highlight the fact about machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the rise in such domains, it is important to empower such skills in a rightful manner.

Machine Learning is a field that comes under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. AI, as we all know, is creating its presence in each and every field. Fields and domains ranging from medicine to banking and telecommunication to information technology, AI is everywhere. With the increase in data, it is very important that the data is managed correctly and further analysed in an appropriate way so as to lead results that provide great value to the businesses and its consumers.

Proper usage of the data and its properties makes sure that whatever outputs you tend to achieve will be near to highly efficient and accurate results. In ML, more the data you have, better accuracy you tend to achieve. Machine Learning is growing each day and still, there are many, who are not aware of this technology and the upcoming domain, which is changing businesses and organizations to an altogether new level. Keeping this in mind and in order to make everyone aware of this, also to help get the correct skills imbibe in the youth, Google, the biggest search engine and tech giant, has launched a Machine Learning course which is completely free and is available for everyone across the globe.

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Google focuses on building such technological deliverables in terms of products and services that will be used by millions and billions and people around the world. Keeping this focus and vision in mind, Google creates a lot of value for the world in terms of the service and products it delivers. One such service it recently launched in the Machine Learning course. The Machine Learning course is completely free of cost and is available for anyone wanting to gain insights about ML. Be it a student, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a professional, the course is for anyone and everyone.

The Machine Learning course is a crash course provided by Google, which provides hands-on practice on TensorFlow APIs along with video lectures and various lessons. TensorFlow is a Machine Learning library provided by Google, which focuses on building machine learning products and tools. The course provided by Google consists of the following:

  1. 40+ Exercises
  2. 25 Lessons
  3. 15 Hours
  4. Lectures directly from Google Researchers
  5. Real World Case Studies
  6. Interactive Visualization of algorithms in action
  7. And much more

Keeping in mind the above points for the course, Google makes a point that whosoever takes up the course, he/she will be completely aware of what machine learning is and how it works? The Google Machine Learning course will answer many different questions related to machine learning, out of which, some are:

  1. How does Machine Learning differ from traditional programming?
  2. How does gradient descent work?
  3. How to determine the effectiveness of a machine learning model?
  4. How to represent a data so that a program can learn from it?
  5. And many more.

Also, you can view the pre-requisites for the course and depend on your expertise, you can get a recommendation from Google in order to take the course.

To take up the course, you can visit:

I hope this article has created some value for you.

My Recommendation: Machine Learning is an exciting and a growing field, do have a look at the course content and if interested, join the course and start building products that consist of intelligence and machine learning in them. The course has an advantage that it is completely free of cost and in terms of free cost, Google is creating amazing value for you. I think one should give a try to it.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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