Google’s new search engine “Google Data Search”

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing great. Today, I’ll make you aware of the new search engine that Google has just developed. It is still in the beta version and continuous development on the platform is ongoing. The previous article was about how Facebook is all set to take on with an all-new lip sync video and audio feature for the end user. In this article, it is all about the new Google Data Search engine which helps the user find useful datasets.

Currently, with the increase in the field of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google has increased their investments in the research and development (R&D) area which is focused towards artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and a lot more. The new search engine helps in their research and development area is focused on data scientists and data science enthusiasts.

Overview of the Google Dataset Search Tool

The Google Dataset Search allows users to search dataset by specifying certain keywords or phrases. It consists of a number of different data repositories through which the dataset can be downloaded. The information consists of the source of the dataset and the download link, the description of the data, licensing details (if any present associated with the data), the authors of the dataset and some more details.

The results that are displayed, also allows users to share the individual data repo among different social media platforms or through email. The result tends to be informative for many researchers and data practitioners because Google provides a lot of information. Referencing and citations can be easily done using such information.

Fig. 1: Google Dataset Search

Currently, the tool provided by Google is in beta phase and they are constantly upgrading the system with new and enhanced datasets from a number of different sources. Users using the platform can submit their feedback and suggestions to Google in order to enhance the platform. A user or an organization can make use of this platform and also submit datasets for this platform by abiding by all the policies and rules of Google Dataset Guidelines.

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Conclusion and Overall Experience of the Tool

The dataset showcased in the tool is through different sources. Some of the sources include businesses, academic institutes, research and development centres. The platform works in multiple languages and many international language support is coming soon on the platform.

The platform is launched with respect to increasing the use of an open source of data. This rise in open source data will help in enhancing different products and services and also will be useful for research purposes.

The result shown in the image displays the “India weather data” and you can see how one can easily share and get access to the data. Because of such practice, more open source data can be used by people and enhanced systems can be developed.


The tool gives great results because Google has shown the cumulative result of dataset available on different websites. Another advantage of using this platform is the result that is being shown. It contains all the details associated with the dataset and this allows in gaining a lot more information other than the data. 

Fig. 2: Google Dataset Search Results

If you haven’t used it yet, follow the link: Google Dataset Search and explore the number of different datasets. You can input a keyword or a phrase and based on that results will be shown.

What’s your take on such a tool provided by Google? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Author: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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