How Digital Marketing can Elevate your Business

Hello, everyone! In my previous article, I discussed how mobile devices and smartphones are increasing in number and how that has led to an increase in the usage of mobile applications. Mobile applications simplify your task to a certain extent and they help you manage things on the go. (To read the previous article, you can click here and know more). Today, I’ll be talking about digital marketing can elevate your business brand. Every business that is old one or new, requires some sort of marketing in order to acquire new clients and create a brand awareness for their business. Marketing can be possible with two mediums, offline (brick and mortar) and online (digital marketing). This article will be more focused on the latter one.

Gone are those days, when you had limited options with a high cost of advertising and marketing. The offline medium that is the brick and mortar medium requires a handsome amount of investment in order to market your business brand appropriately. If you invest less, you are bound to get less reach for your business as compared to what you had predicted. And thus such type of marketing makes you invest more and gives you less in return. Today that isn’t the scenario. You have an option to go online. You have an option to go digital. Choosing this option, you tend to choose countless and an infinite number of opportunities for your business. The cost is less, and you tend to achieve more reach, more brand awareness and more leads for your business.

Starting with what of it, digital marketing is a marketing concept done using the online and digital platforms. As we all are aware of the traffic generated on a number of sites each day, marketing online is a big plus for any organization. Online Marketing is a way that you promote your business through various online platforms. These online platforms can be social media sites, Q&A forums, blogging platforms, emails and much more. By making use of such mediums, your brand stands out to a large set of audience and you tend to get some leads out of it. Going deep into digital marketing we now need to understand how can we achieve this?


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Diving deep into digital marketing and understanding the above said questions, much can be done for your business using such digital tools and platform. There are two ways you can promote your brand to stand apart from the rest. First is the organic way (unpaid) and unpaid (online advertisements). The organic way of digital marketing brings you zero investment, simply by posting pictures, links and information about your business on a number of sites. Such type of digital marketing brings you a good amount of reach and leads, but it’s a slow process. Your business brand, product and other services associated with your business gradually increases. This type of marketing takes some time to create a great value for your business brand. On the other hand, paid advertisements bring you quick reach which is large and also gets you a number of leads. By paying online to social media sites or other websites, you can promote your business with the help of an advertisement.

By understanding what the different types are in digital marketing as well, we’ll now look for the why. Why is it used? Why is digital marketing so useful for your business? If you think hard by yourself, you’ll get the answer. It’s simple. People are shifting from offline to online and a large set of community is using the internet for their businesses. From a small business to a large one, everyone is having a website, everyone is trying to acquire new clients and trying to make use of the online medium by connecting with people digitally.

While making use of digital marketing, the set of target audience should be very clear for which you wish to promote your business products or services. If you have a large audience with irrelevant audience your reach might be high, but there won’t be prospective buyers for your products or services. Also, there are ways to create high-resolution pictures which are appealing and engaging to the audience, only then your target audience will be interested in your business. If it doesn’t interest them then there is no use. Your prime focus while marketing your business online should be to understand what the customer wants and what can be engaging from their (customer’s) point of view. Once you understand this, you are bound to get great results from digital marketing.
Following below are few advantages of using Digital Marketing:

  1. Gets your business online and in front of large audience.
  2. Ability to make your business go global.
  3. Opportunity to network with like-minded people associated with your field of work.
  4. A chance to brand yourself and an opportunity to get noticed by influencers and business giants.
  5. More reach for your business makes a chance for you to expand your business in different fields and scale your business.
  6. Makes you stand apart from the businesses which are not part of the online medium.
  7. And much more.

With such advantages, you surely got to reach a large and targeted set of audience for your business by using the following platforms that can be helpful for you:

  1. Facebook (Social media platform).
  2. Twitter (Social media platform).
  3. Google+ (Social media platform)
  4. LinkedIn (Professional social media platform, to connect with like-minded business professionals).
  5. Instagram (Social media platform to share images and videos, more youth-centric).
  6. Quora (Question and Answer forum)
  7. MailChimp (Email Marketing)
  8. And much more.

By using the above mentioned social media platforms and also much more (which are not mentioned here), you can bring your business to a new level and can also increase the brand awareness for the same.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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