Impact of Technology on Peoples Life

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I discussed how open data is increasing in number and how that has further made a rise in the usage of the data analysis. (If you haven’t read the article, click here to read). Today my prime focus will be on how technology has developed over time and what impact it has placed on the society and on people lives. Technology is developing with a motive to help people and the world. Day by day we hear about new products and innovative inventions that take place in the world. With such inventions and new horizons, it is important to know what impact has technology placed in our lives.

During the phase of initial development, technology was a buzz word and everyone was excited to know and use technology. During those days, it was difficult to gain information and as well as use high tech technologies as there was a limited number of resources and also the resources available were extremely costly. Thus not many of us experienced technology back in the years of 80s when it was in emerging and developing. The period after 1990 encountered a sudden growth in tech and there was a number of innovations made which boosted the tech industry.

Technological advances are not just limited to computers or IT, instead, technology is used to develop something which eases and simplifies your tasks and work. Everything that you see around that is developing, that is growing and that is innovating is a part of the technological advancement. From landlines to smartphones and from a desktop of a room’s size to modern-day palmtops, we have come across through a wide range of different technological advances and products. Also in terms of service, technology has played a very important role.

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In the initial days, we had people sending and receiving our messages, but today it has completely changed. With just a click, you can stay in touch and get in contact with a person from another part of the world. Also not just staying in touch with a person, but now also by a click, you can gain tons of useful information and lots of knowledge. Talking about the technology advancements, the internet has played a major role in its growth. With internet coming alive in the ‘90s, technology started taking a boost and today it has started becoming a necessity in an individual’s life. Why has this happened? The answer lies with us itself. Technology has made our lives much easier and simpler in terms of accessing and consuming any type of product or service.


Consider different industries and fields such as banking, real estate (construction), education, news & media and much more, technological advancements have been done in each and every field. Every field and industry is growing by integrating some sort of technology within them. This technology integration is done in order to provide better products and services to the end users and consumers using them. Be it improved security to high-end design advancements, technology has played an important role in each and every field. Some of the areas where technology has helped a lot are as follows:

    1. Management: Technological software has helped a lot in managing the resources. Be it a business resource or a domestic (household) resource, with just a few clicks and by installing one single software, management has become easier than ever before.
    2. Banking: Digital payments and Online Banking has emerged tremendously and this is possible only because of the growth and innovation in technology over the years. In case of online transfers and digital payments, providing security is also an important concern over the web and there are different security protocols which take care of this. All this is possible only because of technology.

  1. Education: Before it was difficult to manage the students in a school, college/university, but today we have smart classrooms, e-learning facilities which helps not only teachers and students but also the parent who can keep a track of their child’s performance.
  2. Governance: Digitally the government is now connected to people in order to solve their issues and help them get better service from the country. This has created a bridge between the government and the common men/women of the nation and all this is possible only because of the growth that has taken place technology.
  3. And much more.

There is also a dark side, which may lead to the destruction of the society as a whole, but when we look at the bigger picture, majorly technology is used in a good way and it is used to make this world a much better place. I expect and hope that you too are using technology in a positive and a better way.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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