Importance of taking your Business to be Mobile Friendly and Rise in Mobile Analytics

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great time reading my articles on TechnoITWorld. After the previous blog on the Indian Budget 2017 and its effect on Digital Economy, I am here with one more article which might help businesses and organization develop in a better way.

The whole idea of this article is to share and provide you with few insights about how mobile usage is increasing throughout the years. So if one will move to a mobile friendly business, how will it help that organization in order to make more number of customers and generate more profits?

When we talk about our local market, we know that we are aware who are customers are, what they are going to purchase and their willingness to spend. Since we have a good relation and a bond with them, we know their purchasing and spending habits. But when you need to scale your business up, to a PAN India Level (National) or to a Global Level, then we need a website, we need to perform various marketing strategies, so that people know our brand and our organizations.

After all major announcements of Demonetization and India going cashless, the digital economy and digital medium is on the rise, it is necessary for each and every organization to go digital and find their potential clients on a massive medium. Various ways with which an organization can adapt to the digital medium are:

  1. Branding on the Social Media: Done by creating pages and branding your product or services through social media platform like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and more.
  2. Having a Website: Having a website of a business organization makes you apart in the market, from the ones which don’t have them. Customers can easily access your website either on a PC/Laptop or on their handy mobile devices. They can reach you just with few clicks away.
  3. Having a Mobile Application: Having a website along with an application (mobile based) is a big plus for the organization. Customers who at times do not have access to internet, can access the application (only if application is independent of internet usage). The waiting time of loading of a website is reduced in case of mobile applications. You just click, proceed, and order your product or you contact the company.

There are also many other ways with which you can be on the digital platform. As we are talking about mobile ready businesses and mobile analytics, we will stick to it and be limited to our discussion.

There are tons of mobile companies in the market and day by day, we have a new mobile handset to see, to use. And to give you a recent update on the mobile market, Nokia is coming with its comeback in the month of February and few countries it already has arrived. Due to this increase, we have an increase in the mobile users. This rise is not increasing gradually or slowly, instead it is increasing at a much faster rate than we can think and is up exponentially. Take a look on the image below:

Mobile Analytics Details
Figure1: Stats by Morgan Stanley

We can see from the graph that mobile users have taken over the desktop users. This shows that people now prefer more mobile phones and mobile handsets over large yet portable laptops and desktops. What does this mean ha? This means, that user would prefer more of a mobile app, or a mobile friendly website, than take the pain to view the details of your company on a desktop.

Now you can go mobile again in different ways, few of them are:

  1. Responsive Websites: Have responsive websites for your business and organization. Responsive websites are the ones, which adapt their layout based on your screen size and orientation. Having such website is a thumbs up for businesses.
  2. Standalone Mobile Application: The best way to go mobile is, either have an android application, iOS application, windows application or all the three. This depends on how much the company wishes to reach the market and what kind of user it is focusing on.
  3. Web App: Its similar to any other mobile application, the difference is that it is connected to the web, and you get some information in real time.

One you are mobile ready, you need to keep a track on what kind of users are installing your application, how they are using it, the customer demographics is also important part of analytics. All this needs to be tracked in order to analyse the customer behaviour, which will in turn help in increasing business and make more profits.



Mobile friendly business helps you in many ways like (Advantages):

  1. It helps you in reaching a larger audience. In today’s scenario and time, people might not have a desktop or a laptop, but they surely have a mobile phone with a basic internet connection.
  2. Customers tend to trust your organization more as compared to the ones, which are not mobile friendly (Be it through a responsive website or through an application).
  3. Helps improves the user experience. And if user experience improves, it will definitely improve your company’s credibility in the market.
  4. Your company, if mobile friendly, will stand apart from the ones which are not. Thus, it also helps you survive this competitive market.
  5. Various offline integrations can be made, using the QR (Quick-Responsive) Codes.

Yes it might cost some more penny, but it will surely help you increase your sales.

This rise, makes a rise in the tools which help you map or track the customer in a better way. Mobile Analytics tools helps you understand the consumer behavior. The whole concept behind this is basically to understand the client. Once you understand the client, it is obvious to improve the sales.


Few tools for Mobile Analytics can be listed as below:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Flurry
  3. AppSee
  4. MixPanel
  5. Apple App Analytics (Only for iOS)
  7. Amplitude
  8. Countly
  9. Localytics

So here was an overview of how important it is to go mobile friendly and how it can help you in improving your business, your sales and your profits (in the end Profit is what matters). Also we saw how mobile analytics will help you in keeping a track on your customers.

Do share and comment your views and opinions about the same.


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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