The Importance of Social Media for your Business

Hello everyone! Hope you accessing my blog each day 😉 Okay, assuming you do, I feel great to share my thoughts on whatever I have gained and learnt. So today, I am going to talk about how social media has an impact on your business growth? How important is it (social media)? And why businesses and specially the SMEs should make use of it, in order to reach a larger audience. Let us have a detailed overview on the same.

Social Media was once used for chatting, socialising and connecting with your loved ones. But today the time has changed and so the perception towards Social Media. Social Media, today is not only used for chatting purposes by individuals, but instead it is used by organizations and businesses to reach their target audience, to understand their consumers and to grow their business.

Social Media is one of the best way to interact with people who can’t be contacted within your reach. For example, if you wish to contact a person living in Delhi from Mumbai, you can do that easily using Social Media. It helps you gain access to someone, helps you know that person (if the person has a public profile with few privacy settings), you get to know their interests, their liking, their behaviour towards the trends going on in the world and much more.

This information about the user can be made used in your business to gain more consumers and understand them well. Today what do you think that the consumer or your client wants? Good Product, Yes. Good Service, Yes. Good Cost, Yes. But out of these the client wants you to understand them completely and in such a way, that you provide them with the best services at the best cost.

With the increase in different types of products and services, different customer taste, it becomes very difficult for an agency or for a company to actually understand their customers. With changing trends, the customers tend to change their demands. Their demands also depend on their demographic structure (demographic means the place where they belong to, their geographical attributes like the location details). To keep up with these changing demands, it is very essential for companies to stay in constant touch with consumers and their interests.

This can be done using the Social Media Medium, the Digital Medium. One of the best way to make your brand go viral is through the online medium in today’s time. From 16 to 60 every one is using Social Media to stay in touch, to learn something, to gain some information and/or for some other purpose. So why don’t you grab this opportunity and make use of Social Media in order to increase your business and create an awareness about your brand.

So here the top 5 Social Media Platforms which can be very useful to you.

1. Twitter: One of the oldest and the most used social media platform is twitter. It is not exactly a social media site, instead it’s a micro-blogging site. Allows you to express your thoughts with a restrictions on the number of words you use. Used mainly to brand yourself. One of the maximum traffic is on this website. With users from all over the world, you can grab a look on what’s trending in the Twitter News Feed. It helps you gaining information on what the world wants, what the world is talking about. Also you can ask questions, polls and uploads multimedia like an image or gif as a post. Usually different types of tweet work well in interacting with users. For example: You display your company info in one tweet, in the other tweet you ask a question, while in the next you showcase or provide some offer. Likewise, multiple tweet a day needs to be done, in order to be engaging on this platform. Used by many users throughout the globe. You will surely have better reach of audience.

2. Facebook: The biggest Social Media platform currently being used by maximum users. From the age of 16 years to 60 years, every person is on this platform. The major use of this platform is to connect, share, and be a part of someone’s life through the medium of internet where physical distance is no longer required. Used for both Personal and Professional. On Facebook you can create your own business page or a group and invite people to know about it more. Also you can select your target audience, based on your business industry and niche of working. Using Facebook helps you reach more audience and like-minded people who will be interested in your business. Reviews, Recommendations improves the overall ranking of your business online and helps in improving your search presence online.

3. LinkedIn: Majorly used by professional to hire and recruit workforce in their respective organizations. Also to showcase your brand to the professionals who are on LinkedIn? On LinkedIn, you can network with similar companies based on your business and then work mutually in order to help each other’s business grow. Great presence, as recruiters and employers search for companies on LinkedIn. Will get more presence for your brand and business.

4. Google+: Avoided by many, as people think that Google+ is not that efficient, but that’s not true my friends. It’s a myth regarding Google+ that it is not a good medium to promote your brand. It is. It is one of the finest mediums to get your brand awareness quickly. With access to various communities and collections in Google+, you can post about your business, offers and other stuff in such communities. Also, you can register your business as Google Verified, by just providing Google with a valid and legitimate postal address. Great reach, Gives you trending topics and can make use of hash tagging in order to focus your post.

5. Instagram: Image based information is more remembered than a text based info. Used by youngsters more, but nowadays even companies are switching over to it, in order to get more reach with the youth. Only allows posting pictures and images with some captions. Recently even Instagram started the feature of posting stories which vanishes out after 24 hours. And the latest update, as we all know is that it has now allowed users to post multiple photos in a single post (as an image slider or carousel). Great medium to promote, as the user base is increasing day by day.

The following 5 social media as mentioned above are listed as per their current usage. Recently with the launch of WhatsApp stories, WhatsApp can also be used as one of the mediums to promote your business. By using the stories feature of Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp, you’ll can promote one day offers, company details and other stuff. The catch of this is that the post is deleted automatically after 24 hours and you need to be consistent to use such kind of a feature.

Social media is really very important and I wish that each business be it small or big, should opt for online and digital medium and make use of it for their benefit.

So which one are you opting for? Do comment your answer. Also your comment your views about the same.

Happy Reading!


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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