Information Technology – Changing Dimensions, Changing Lives

Information Technology, with the development in technology and better skill set, IT is changing people lives in all sets of domains and dimension. Be it from simple tasks to making complex operations run in an efficient manner, IT is used everywhere. Information Technology is used in various sectors such as: Banking, Government Agencies, Industrial Operations, Education Purposes, Socializing and many more. From streaming a video on YouTube to get access to a resource globally, everything is possible due to the advancement in the field of Information Technology (IT). Information Technology and Computer Science (CS) are mostly used hand in hand and they are equivalent to each other, but yes if look for the difference, then the major difference between computer science and IT is, that CS deals with both software and hardware issues and it is concerned with both, where as IT deals only with the advancement in the field of Software. Not much difference, but a significant difference can be found out between CS and IT. Both used together makes a huge difference in the growth of an organization or to improve the quality of product/service delivered. Good hardware, with a combination of great software written will help in achieving correct and accurate results. Now, how is IT changing people’s lives? This question can be answered simply by an example: In the initial days, there were long queues in the banks, in order to deposit, withdraw or do any banking transaction. This process was time consuming and also tedious at times. Thus to overcome such issue, web based Internet Banking came into existence, and with the emergence of Internet Banking through the web, Mobile Applications came into picture, which were lighter, faster and better than the web based banking. This has changed the people’s lives in a tremendous manner. Initially, time, energy, money all were required, but now with the development of IT, you just need a working Internet connection and some amount of your time, and the transaction done is much faster and better. Some major application of IT can be depicted as below:   Applications_IT


This was just an example, other may include, connecting with people through out the globe, connecting with professionals for seeking educational help, applying for jobs online; Many software applications like the Microsoft Office, helps the organization or the individual to keep their data in an organized and in a structured manner. Applications like ERP based software, Accounting Applications, Photo editing application etc. are some of the other examples in the development IT. And by above examples and mentioned details, it can be concluded that yes; IT has emerged into all the major dimensions of human lives and also they have changed their way of living in many aspects.   Image Courtesy: Banner: (Department of Information Technology) Figure1:  

-Article submitted and written by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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