Instagram Launches ‘Focus’ for Stories

Hello, everyone! In my previous write-up, I wrote about how having a positive mindset is good for you and what positive mindset can do, that a negative one can’t. The motive of the article was to make you aware that no matter what the situation is, you need to positive in all walks of life. The time that is bad for you will pass and will make you a better person through the experiences you learn. To have a look at the article, click here and know more. Well, today, I am going to write on the latest Instagram update.

Instagram is a social network specifically designed to post pictures and videos by the users. Owned by Facebook, the social network was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and it was first launched only for iOS devices. Later after 2 years, the app was made available for Android users as well. The app allows users to post pictures and videos which can be edited through a wide range of filters provided by Instagram. A user can tag other people and pages on their posts and can also share location information for a particular post. There are two different ways a user can set his/her profile, that is, either the profile will be publicly available to view all the posts or one can view the user posts only by sending a request.

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Besides this feature, Instagram launched the stories feature similar to its competitor Snapchat. The story feature works in a way that you can post either an image or a video and it would vanish away after 24 hours. Initially, this was the way Instagram stories would work, but since its release, there are many updates made and now there are different features that can be used while posting a story. The features are listed down below:

  1. Normal story upload – You can either upload a picture or a video
  2. Boomerang – It creates a mini video which you can post your story
  3. Live – Can start a live video, where users will be notified that you are online and broadcasting a live video so that they can too view it and be a part of the same.
  4. Rewind – Shoots video and plays it in reverse mode. Fun to create such videos.
  5. Hands-free – Shooting videos depending on you with no editing
  6. Superzoom – If you wish to highlight an important point in your post, you can use this feature and create a superzoom effect which will highlight the point of your focus.
  7. Type – Text-based stories

The above-mentioned features are listed in the order according to their updates. Currently, with so many features only for Instagram stories, the social media giant has come up with yet another feature. The feature is called ‘Focus’.

Instagram stories now have an additional feature called Focus. It is just another camera feature of the story that will allow you to click portraits. Portraits mode are becoming famous and now every newly launched smartphone cameras have that feature in order to click amazing pictures. Considering that Instagram has launched this feature. The feature will work for both front and rear cameras. The camera will recognize a face and will automatically blur out the background and will keep the focus on the person’s face.

The feature will be beside the Superzoom feature and will work for both cameras (front and rear) so that you can shoot amazing selfies and portraits of your friends. Currently, the feature is available on iOS devices and only on select Android devices. Along with this, a sticker is added called ‘mention’. This will allow you to tag other users in your posts.

The update will be soon rolled out to other Android devices worldwide and will allow all the Instagram users to make use of this feature.

What’s your take on this feature? Do you like it? Are you excited to use it?

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Author: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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