Microsoft and Flipkart build up Cloud Partnership to develop Ecommerce in India

Hello Everyone! Hope you doing well. Here I am with my new and latest buzz, about Microsoft and Flipkart partnering together in order to take on the giant Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Pay Online. Digital Money. Buy Online. Offers. Discounts. Fast Delivery. And the list goes on, when we hear about Ecommerce and Online Shopping. It is increasing and is increasing at a very fast rate. Local shops are too going online, in the verge of reaching out to the potential customers. Also demonetization has led to the increase in digitization.

Increasing ecommerce in India is good, but along with it, things that need to be taken care of are:

  1. Online Privacy.
  2. Security of user data.
  3. Wide range of variety of products and services.
  4. User Experience.
  5. Easy and Convenient Policies (Regarding buying, selling, returning of products).

Out of the above things, the most important is the User Experience. Yes, if this improves, user will definitely buy product or service from the portal, he/she has the best experience. This leads to improvement in the design, upgrading the back end operations for the betterment of users, bug fixes in the applications provided to user (to order products) and many more. Now lets us move to talk above the three big giants, one in Software products and services and the other two in Ecommerce.

We all are aware of these three big names in the Software and Ecommerce domain respectively. Microsoft in the Software and Flipkart and Amazon in Ecommerce. Talking about their scope and reach, we all are aware how global Microsoft and Amazon are and how famous Flipkart is in India at the national level.

All three companies focus on great deliverables and provide with wonderful products and services to the customers all over the world. But that doesn’t end here, ha? Yes it doesn’t. There’s a lot of competition among Flipkart and Amazon and yes that has to be there, as both organizations work in the same field.

Launched in 2007, Flipkart has amassed unparalleled scale in India through customer-centric innovations that have made online shopping a seamless, accessible and affordable experience for over 100 million Indians. Its innovative disruptions like cash on delivery, No cost EMI, Product Exchange, easy returns, same day delivery and instant refunds have paved the way for the e-commerce market in India.

After Amazon being on the top in India as well as throughout the globe, Flipkart is bringing some great technologies at their end and focusing on the betterment of quality for their consumers. This competition has been to a new level after Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadella recently visited India.

Yes, on Monday, on the arrival of the Microsoft CEO, Microsoft and Flipkart has signed a strategic cloud partnership to provide Indians a better experience in terms on Online Shopping. As this partnership, Flipkart the Ecommerce giant, will adopt Microsoft Azure Platform exclusively as its cloud platform.

We all are aware of the benefits of cloud computing and how cloud is rising to an all new level. Also we are aware of the increase in online shopping day by day. After demonetization, digital payments and digital medium to shop and buy stuff has become more useful. Taking advantage of this situation and also the growing competition between Amazon and Flipkart, Microsoft offered and forged a partnership with Flipkart to improve the user experience with cloud.

In every business, user experience is the key, if you wish to gain trust among the user, improve their experience and that can be done by improving the operations and services at the back end by the organizations which provide the services and products to the consumers.

Binny Bansal and Satya Nadella

Combining the Microsoft Cloud Platform and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities with Flipkart’s existing services and data assets will help enable Flipkart accelerate its digital transformation in Ecommerce and deliver an altogether new customer experience. Microsoft Azure will add an additional layer of advanced cloud technologies and analytics to Flipkart’s existing data centres.

How Flipkart will use this cloud platform to improve the experience?

Flipkart plans to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics capabilities in Azure such as Cortana Intelligent Suite and Power BI, to optimize data for innovative merchandising, advertising, marketing and customer service. With such powerful insights about its business and new intelligent services, Flipkart is all set to improve the customer experience on a great level.


So that’s it for this article. Get ready to gain new experiences and better your shopping needs with this wonderful initiative and partnership of Microsoft and Flipkart. Happy Shopping and Keep Reading our articles for more updates.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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