Mobile Applications and their Growing Use

Hello, everyone! In my previous article, I talked about what are the basics of machine learning and its respective applications. The article was completely basic with no usage of high technical jargons and mathematical concepts and thus every user can know what machine learning is and gain some information about the same. (If you haven’t read the article yet, don’t worry. You can check out the article here, and gain knowledge about the basic of Machine Learning and its applications). Today, I’ll be focusing on how mobile applications usage is increasing day by day. Each day there hundreds of companies coming up live with their apps on the web (internet) which gives us access to a number of different kind of applications. So, let us know more about it and dive deep in the article.

Mobile phones which have now become smartphones are increasing in number. Each day there is a new phone launch, with tons of new and exciting features. With such a growing demand for mobile phones, it is important that there are software or applications which are compatible with such small and compact devices. The advantage of having an app on your phone is that it comes handy, not at all bulky, you can work on the go and much more. Later in this article, I’ll be listing down a number of advantages of using apps on your phone. Talking about why usage of applications is growing in such smartphones, first will discuss what can a smartphone day, what does a mobile application mean and lastly why there are a rise and growth in the usage of such mobile applications.

“Smart”-” Phone” joined together makes a smartphone. The work of your phone is not just receiving and sending calls or messages, but now it is more than that. Your mobile devices are much smarter than it used to be. It understands you, your interests. It helps you keep a track of countless things ranging from your monthly expenses to your overall health. Everything can be managed, organized and analyzed using a smartphone. Of course, such devices come at a cost, but with growing demand and with new companies jumping in to provide smartphone devices to consumers, the price of such devices has dropped. Every user can take advantage of it and can own a smartphone. Such devices are compact, easy to use, comes with lots of features and has the ability to work in a smarter way as compared to the traditional mobile devices. Smartphones have a support of applications, and there is a number of different applications you can run on a smartphone.

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When we talk about mobile applications, it is important that we be aware of what operating system the application supports. As we have different operating systems (OS) in computers, desktops, and laptops, we have different OS for mobile phones as well. In a mobile device, we have three major operating system, which is Android (Google), iOS (Apple) and Windows (Microsoft). There is another operating system as well like, Symbian (Nokia), BlackBerry (BlackBerry) and others. Each OS has their own set of compatibility with the applications that are developed. Thus an application should be developed in such a way that is compatible with multiple OS platforms. As that becomes quite a challenging task, the same application is built for different operating systems. For example, if Application 1 supports Android, then the same Application 1 will be built in a way that will support iOS and Windows as well. Applications are nothing but a software that works on your smartphone. It can also be a game or an entertainment service. A collection of a different set of programs put together makes up an application.

By understanding what an application is and how it can run on different platforms, will now see how it is growing in usage and how more and more people now rely on mobile applications. Around 85% of the world use mobile phone devices and smartphones. Now this percentage is increasing each year with the growing number of new devices launched and with phones being cheaper and cheaper each time. Also, another reason that this number is increasing is due to the high availability of the internet. The Internet is now freely available at many places and also in the remote corners of the world and this availability is highly responsive to increase the usage of mobile applications.

Mobile applications are of different types. Business, Education, Marketing, Photo editing, Personalization, Games and much more are the different categories of which an application can belong to. In a recent survey of 2017, it was analyzed that maximum apps that are used by people are Games. People like entertainment and they want some stress buster from their work. Playing good games can relax your mind and can help you release your stress. Also, businessmen and entrepreneurs make use of applications that can help them track their expenses, generate invoices directly on their phones, allow editing of documents and share them and many more uses. Marketing gurus and influencers make use of social media applications and marketing applications in order to stay connected with their followers and fans. Apps related to news and magazine help you gain tons of information within seconds and you can also share that information among your groups. The process of things going viral has become now easy with the growth in usage of mobile applications and smartphones.

By a simple compact device in your hand which isn’t bulky, is lightweight and which also has the ability to do tasks similar to your computer systems, has made the rise in usage of mobile applications. Following are the advantages of using a mobile application:

  1. Saves time
  2. Compact and Handy to use your application to perform any task
  3. Easy to use and not at all complex
  4. Ability to manage complex task such as bill generation (business), learn a skill (education), share ideas (social media/marketing), create documents (productivity) and much more.
  5. Get tons of news at your fingertips in seconds.
  6. Requires only an internet connection (which is easy to find in today’s times).
  7. Fast, Efficient and Reliable

These advantages and privilege for the end user have helped increase the growth in usage of mobile applications.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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