Need a Job? Re-skill Yourself.

Hello everyone. After discussing and sharing latest technology trends, today let us know why there is a sudden job drop and what you can do to apply for a job in the information technology industry at present.

IT industry is growing each day and technology is advancing each second. With such advancements there is a still drop in the job in the IT industry and market. In every job that a company provides requires a certain amount of skill set which should be suitable and on point for that particular job and work. But finding such kind of correct skill set has become difficult in today’s times. The main reason for the drop in the market is to look for the correct skill set in a candidate which satisfies a certain job profile or work in any business or organization.

Talking only about the IT and technology industry, engineering colleges have increased in numbers providing quality education to students and this has made a rise in the demand of jobs in the industry. In such a demand for jobs, it is very important for a student to stand apart from the cut throat competition in the country. And this can be achieved by making yourself skilled in the correct domain or in the right field. There are many different domains and fields in which a student can apply for a job and start working for the organization and help them grow. Some of them include, programming, testing, data entry, analysis, and many more which are related to IT and technology.

Each field has their own value in the market and they pay the candidate accordingly, based on their expertise or experience level. Talking about the universities and educational institutes, it’s not that they do not provide with the right skill, they do, but the problem occurs when technology changes and new technology comes into picture. Few years before anyone pursuing an engineering degree was valued in the market and they were the ones who had some amount of job security. But today the time has changed.

Currently in the market, the demand has reduced for certain technologies, but the supply remains unchanged. The supply is either the same (unchanged) or has increased as compared to the reduction in the demand for technologies. Other problem occurs due to rise in wages. Organizations find it very difficult to hire the right talent at high wages and so this has also created the problem of job reduction.

With changing technology every minute, every day it is very important for the candidates to get the right skills in account in order to get a good job. It isn’t just about getting a job but it is important that the job you get is the one you like and also it pays you well. Such a combination is very rare to find, where in the candidate likes the job and also the job pays him/her well.

Growth in the IT sector is huge and every day there is a new innovation in the field with a vision to help the consumers using the product or the service. But students and candidates are not well versed with this change and once they are not well versed, it becomes very difficult for them to embrace such a change in technology. And here comes the concept of Re-skilling.

Re-skilling means you gain those skills which are valued and required in the market. You possess a set of skill, but to find the right job and in the right field and market, you need to gain some few new skills and this concept is what re-skilling known as. For example if a student is skilled in the field of a certain programming language or a certain technology, he/she needs to also be skilled in the field of math and logic, if he/she is looking for a job in the field of artificial intelligence as a AI developer or a programmer.

Technology is increasing and improving each day and new innovation tends to provide new opportunities and opens new doors for the candidate to work. But if the candidate is not having those required skills or qualifications, it becomes difficult for the organization to hire them or recruit them for that job post. To overcome such a problem, student and candidate needs to re-skill themselves.

Re-skilling can be in the field of technology or into any other field also, in which the candidate is interested and also the field which has high demand in the market five years down the line. The fields restricted to Information Technology and Computer Science which are in demand are as follows:

  1. Computer Security
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Android and iOS (Mobile Application Development)
  6. Product Design and Development

And many more.

If the candidate is re-skilled with these fields and domains, then they are much liable to get a job in the market with a handsome package. Re-skilling can be done through pursuing trainings or courses which can be done either through the online or the offline medium. Preferably online medium should be used to re-skill yourself, as it saves a lot of time and money and also gives you a flexibility to work and access course based on your convenience.

So get your skills right and you will land your dream job.


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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