What a Positive Mindset Can, that a Negative Mindset Can’t

Hello, everyone! In my last write-up, I discussed over the topic artificial intelligence and highlighted about why AI is important for us to understand and how it is impacting human lives to a large extent. With continuous growth in the field of artificial intelligence, it is very important to know how it works, why it works the way it works and other useful information on the same. Have a look at my previous article here titled, ‘Understanding AI and its Impact on Human Lives.’ In my today’s article, I would write about what a positive mindset can do that a negative mindset can’t. This piece of writing will be very positive and you’ll surely enjoy reading it. So you ready?

Positivity? What do you understand by this? How should one be positive in all the situations? It’s difficult at times, but we see lots of people being positive in their hardest of times and bounce back to win. Ever thought how do they do that? They do it with their mindset. The mindset of such people is trained to see only good and only positive energy around them. Trust me, you can too do it. It takes time, but once you do it, it will help you achieve all the great stature in your life and in this world. Positivity depends completely on your perception. You need to understand how your perception will change the things around you and will help you achieve greater heights in any field that you are in.

The quality of your thoughts, the motive of your doings, your objective and your ambitions, everything you do will have a different impact on your long-term goal. This is the impact of an optimistic person. When you start comparing your growth with someone else, you’re losing and this trait is not at all present in a person who has a positive mindset. You need to understand and focus on the long-term vision of yours and work accordingly.

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Negative energy is not good for your growth but is easily attracted towards you. The reason for this attraction is just because your mind is not trained to see the goodness in all kinds of situation. Once your mindset is trained, no one can stop you from winning. Be it your studies, work, career goals, personal life and other aspects associated with your life, every aspect needs good vibes in order for your fruitful growth and happiness. An optimistic person will remain optimistic irrespective of the situation and similarly, a pessimistic person will always remain pessimistic. The situation or the scenario in every aspect is secondary. What important is your mindset? The primary thing to tackle any problem, any situation that is bringing you back is the approach that you have towards it. The attitude towards your problem will solve half of your problems and rest is done by putting your actions accordingly.

Attitude, mindset, thought the process and your mentality decide how you need to act in what kind of situation. Though once you train yourself to see good in every situation, you will never be affected by any negative energy around you. Consider two cases wherein you are running a race and the motive is to win the race. A positive mindset will think about, “What if I win…”, whereas a negative mindset will think about, “What if I lose…” That’s the main difference between these two thoughts. Just an example, many other scenarios can be taken into considerations.

What a positive mindset can do:

  1. Attract good vibes and a great set of people.
  2. Attract new opportunities.
  3. No more affected by any situation.
  4. No phase in the life puts you down.
  5. You understand the process and focus more on it, rather than just thinking about the outcome.
  6. Positivity makes you win through negative situations.

Whatever you do, whenever and wherever you do, don’t dwell on the bad stuff and complain. Go ahead, work hard and change your thought process in order to get things done with ease. Look for the brighter side and stay positive. You are not aware of you’re true yourself and the energy within you until you become optimistic and realize that whatever life gives you is good in many ways.

Stay Positive, Stay Happy and Stay Blessed. Good things are waiting for you. Just for once, change your mindset, train to see positivity everywhere, improve your perception and you’ll realize the difference in you.

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Author: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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