Why your product needs to be User Friendly

Hello, everyone! In the previous article, I said about how there is a different type of software and how you can also have one in order to simplify your business operations and for effective management. In today’s article, I’ll be a briefing about how any product that you build or any service that you provide needs be user-friendly and why is it so important to think from the customer’s point of view?

Customers are the end users (also termed as consumers) who use (consume) your provided product or service. There is no transaction beyond the end user. Thus it implies that the final person using your product or service will be the consumer that is the end user. Any product or service designed or developed should be made with proper market research and with a proper understanding of the target audience. Once you understand what your target audience wants, then your product is bound to hit the peak.

Though the question lies, why is it so focused? It’s simple. The more specific audience you will have for your business, the more prospective buyers you will tend to get. It’s a misconception or a myth that tells you to spread your business everywhere. It should be but it should be well planned and organized. Because the more your audience is generic, the less you tend to get authentic buyers for your business. You might get inquiries, but those inquiries turning into buyers have a very less ratio. Those more the narrow audience you have, more buyers you might tend to get.

The next advantage of having your product customer-centric is that you are bound to get more recommendations and more clients from your existing clients. This helps in gaining more presence for your product. A user-friendly interface creates a great first impression on the consumer using your product or service. As it is said that “ the first impression is the last impression”, a UI is very important so as to create a lasting impression. This impression decides whether the user will use your product or service again or not. If it is bad, you have lost that client, but if it is good enough to attract the user, then you might also get new clients.

User friendliness should be present in the product you develop and also in the service that you provide. It should not be focused only towards making the UI simple, instead, it should be focused towards making it easy to use but with high graphics and elegant design. The more simple and elegant it is, the better your UI is. There is a number of experts who are hired specifically to make your product look more user-friendly or to design your service in a way that will help consumers get a hang of it much easier and in a better way.

UI experts are creative designers and developers who make your product and service look good. The look, feel and appearance everything is designed and planned by such experts and then accordingly the product development starts. After the planning of the project to be made, the very first thing to be planned and managed is the user interface or the user-friendliness of the product or the service that is to be made. UI is an important asset and thus it is planned and created before the actual project or product development starts.

Once the UI is planned, project development begins keeping in mind the UI and then it is deployed for consumers to use it. 80% of your product sales and usage depends purely on the user interface and on how user-friendly your product or service is. Thus it is very important to design your product keeping in mind the user interface associated with it.

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So next time if you are into product development or into providing services, keep in mind that the user-friendliness and the user interface is one of the most important factors to be made.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Raakesh Toshniwal

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