Productive Usage of the Internet

Hello, everyone! In the previous article, I briefed about how a product or a service needs to be user-friendly (if you have not yet read the article, click here) so that it attracts more consumers and you tend to get more leads and buyers. Today I’ll be focusing on how the internet is growing and how it can be used in a productive manner.

Productivity basically means how effective or efficient it is. So talking in terms of productive usage, it means how one can make use of internet resource in a highly effective and efficient manner. Internet, as we all know is growing at a tremendous rate and it’s getting cheaper and cheaper with time. From big metropolitan to small remote corners of the world, the internet has its presence almost everywhere in today’s time. With such abundant usage of the resource (internet), it is important that we, the people, use it effectively and efficiently. Tons of websites, games, applications, resource blog, and forums are part of the internet. Your development of the mind depends on how you make use of such resources. The more productive your usage is, the more development will take place, but if it isn’t that effective, then you are bound to get addicted to unwanted applications and resources which might harm you as well.

There are plenty of resources on the website which you can make use of for your personal as well as professional growth. Also at the same time, there is a number of different websites which are spam, related to pornography and other unwanted applications online which might lead to a harmful effect on your growth and development and might create a bad impression on your mind. This activity on the internet, solely depends on you, on how you use it. With such plenty of different things to do using the internet, you can learn a new skill, you can start your own business and you can even create your own personal brand over the web. The web and the internet have such kind of power that is to make you from nothing to everything. But this all depends on how you use it.

Productive usage as I mentioned earlier indicates the effective usage of the internet. The more productive way you use it, the more productive you will tend to become. Now there is a number of things that you can do to increase your productivity in order to have a productive use of the internet. Also, there is a number of resources and websites which provide great things and resources. I will mention first the things that you might do and then will list down few websites and applications you can make use of.

Following are the things you can do or pursue through the internet:

1. Learn a new skill.
2. Join a Non-Government Organization (NGO) and take part as a volunteer.
3. Connect with professional people and gain insights on the work they do, how they do and why they do what they do. Meet new people (be aware while sharing your private information, if you wish to).
4. Start selling pictures (if you are a good and decent photographer).
5. Start taking part in discussion forums, Q&A platforms and help people answer their question. Also, you will learn a lot by other people’s answers.
6. Start a side hustle. Follow your passion and you can start your own business, first through freelancing and then start everything on your own.
7. Read, Read and Read. There are tons of great articles in every possible field and you can take advantage of this and read and learn lots of new things over the web through the internet.

These are only a few points which account major use of the internet in a productive way, there might be others as well. Also, there are a number of amazing websites which prove to be beneficial for the user, some of them are:

1. Entrepreneur: An online magazine that provides insights and articles on business, technology and the current market trends.
2. Quora: Quora is an online question and answer (Q&A) forum. It helps in understanding answers for various questions that are answered by people across the globe. Helps in increasing lot of knowledge.
3. Coursera: An e-learning platform, where different courses are present in different fields offered by the top US/American universities. Helps in learning a new skill.
4. LinkedIn: Professional networking site helps in connecting with like-minded people within your own professional field or domain.
5. Twitter: A micro-blogging website, which helps in gaining quick information throughout the globe within seconds. Fast information shared and posted.

6. Facebook: One of the largest social media sites. In terms of productive usage, you can be a part of a number of different groups, which can help you reach a set of people with your interests and liking.
7. Freelancer: It’s a platform where you can find freelance projects and tasks. By performing such tasks through such websites, you can earn some extra side income.
8. Medium: Information sharing platform. Great articles on business, technology, and other related fields.
9. Etsy: A platform where you can sell your creative products developed and made by you, for example, some handicrafts products, you can also sell photographs on this platform and other related things.

And many other platforms and resources that can help you grow in a better way. For any kind of IT and Digital services, you can get in touch with Techno Code LLP. They provide with all kinds of services focused towards the digital needs of a business or an individual. To know more, click here.

These are some of the major resources and websites mentioned. If you have some on your list, do comment and help everyone by sharing the links.

So next time if you use the internet, make sure you are using it effectively, efficiently and productively.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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