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Hello, everyone! In my last article, I detailed about how web and mobile analytics can be helpful for your business. The growing usage of websites and mobile application brings us an opportunity to analyze and keep a track of the users using it or downloading it. By understanding your target audience, your business is bound to get more leads and generate more end users. Today in this article, I’ll be talking about how with growing technology, things are changing and how companies are switching to new technologies. By understanding such change in the market, I’ll be discussing the skills that can currently help you land a job in the market.

Technology is growing each moment. You never know that while reading this article, somewhere in the world a new innovative technology is developed. The continuous change in technology has helped a lot in the development of the world. Though it has helped, embracing the change is not an easy task for all. The change is difficult in short-term but turns out to be fruitful in the long run. By embracing the change you are prepared for the future and things tend to be less complex and simpler for you ahead. Another advantage of embracing the change is that it keeps you ahead of the ones who haven’t changed their way of working. The change helps you stand apart from your competition and brings your way of working ahead of all. But to change is not easy.

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How one can embrace this change? One way is to train your existing workforce in the new or upcoming technology that is going to dominate the market. That is, arrange workshops and seminars and train existing employees of an organization with the technology that you wish to change to. Another way is hiring talent which is an expert in that technology. Both ways you can change your way of working or to be precise, you can embrace the change in technology. Talking about the latter part, hiring new talent, candidates and students need to be aware more about the changing technology as only then they (students) can train themselves and bring opportunity for them to get hired in an organization. Without prior knowledge about any technology makes it extremely difficult to get a job. Logical and Technical, both skills are a must in most of the organization.

Different technologies are coming in the market and it is very difficult for an individual to know it all. Thus based on the demand and need in the industry, you can start learning one skill (the skill which is demanded majorly and not known by many people at the same time) and become an expert in the same. Technologies are not just limited to development, but instead, technology can be used in marketing, providing support to end users, management of the business, development (obviously) and many other related functional areas of the business. Skills can be from ranging from programming, digital marketing techniques, support techniques and much more. Every skill has its own value in the market and depending on the demand you get paid.

Understanding how embracing the change in your skills can help you and get your number of opportunities in the market. By the current need and demand in the industry, following are the skills that can be pursued in order to create more value for yourself in the market

  1. Python: Object-Oriented Language used highly for creating software and web applications. Nowadays python is majorly used for data analysis purposes and machine learning tasks.
  2. R: Statistical programming language used to perform data analysis and other statistical techniques.
  3. Machine Learning: Machine Learning, one of the biggest buzz word going on around in the market. Machine Learning allows you to classify, cluster, predict the data and also allows you to do many other things.
  4. Data Analytics: Data Analytics deals with all the analysis and understanding of the data. It creates meaning to unstructured and raw data.
  5. Android: Android deals with the mobile application development. The apps and games that you use on your smartphones are in demand and that has increased the demand for android development.
  6. Artificial Intelligence: AI is gained a lot of attention in the recent times and there are many online courses and learning material available which train you and make you aware of the AI field.
  7. iOS: Another mobile application development platform. Similar to Android, iOS is in huge demand and people are now using iPhone to a great extent as compared to the previous years.
  8. Web Technologies: Digital world has countless opportunities and so the World Wide Web to has many opportunistic ways to generate more presence, more money, and more recognition.

The above-mentioned technologies will surely land you a job and help you gain recognition in the market. Also by learning these skills, you will personally have an opportunity to grow.

Which skill are you learning? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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