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Hello, everyone! Hope you guys are doing great by reading the articles posted on TechnoITWorld. Today I’ll be talking about how software can reduce your workload? How it can simplify your operations and what type of software can you have based on your need, or based on your business/organization.

We all are aware of how big corporate giants make use of different tools, in order to simplify their business operations. Be it finance, marketing, sales, recruitment process or any other department, a specific tool can help reduce the work of a human and can also be fruitful to the overall development of the organization. With fast processing, automatic calculations, report generation and other features, an automated tool proves to be a great asset for a corporation, in order to ease their working.

Now, such tools are not only restricted to big corporations or organizations. From a micro-industry to a big giant MNC, each one of us can have a software for their industry and make it useful for their field in order to achieve better efficiency. The fewer software is costly and thus it is difficult for small and medium enterprises to afford them, but there is a number of different software which is readily available free of cost or at a reasonable price. Such software can be used by small companies or organization.

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These can be of different types. There can be an online or an offline software. Both types have their own advantages/benefits and disadvantages/drawbacks. Depending on your business need, your field of working and your specific area of industry, the type must be considered. The main aim to have a software for your business is to reduce your workload and increase the efficiency, so keeping this in mind the platform for your business software must be considered accordingly.

Starting with offline software, it is the one which do not require any network connection (internet). Such software work on your standalone system (it can be a desktop computer or a laptop). Standalone system meaning they are connected to a network. They work as local systems. Offline systems can be used for a number of purposes like managing your business inventory, managing staff, managing cash flow and other operations.

The drawback of such systems is that they do not provide any backup for your records. In the worst case, a backup is on your own system. But if the system crashes, your backup is killed and there is no other backup that you have the data. This is a major drawback. Synchronization is difficult to achieve, as it’s on the local system. The advantage is that it runs without internet. So there is no issue if your network connectivity is low because even if it is not there, your application will run. Ease of using it on your own system is the next advantage of such application.

Next, comes into picture the online software. Online software is the ones which make use of internet connectivity or any other network connection. With the online application, there is a number of advantages. For example, if you have a number of different branches of your business, and you need one centralized software for it, then the online software is the best. It helps in synchronizing the data across multiple devices by making use of internet connection. Also, there is a strong backup of data which can be stored either on a cloud storage or in a normal database online. This helps in accessing history records quite easily.

The drawback of online medium is that it requires a high-speed internet connection. If the connectivity is slow, data backup and synchronization will take time. Another issue with online software is that they are costly as compared to the offline apps. Thus, only by understanding your business goals and needs, the type of software must be considered.

Online Software Offline Software
Requires network connectivity No network connection required
Generally used for big corporations where there are number of branches for a particular office Generally used by small and medium enterprises, as they usually do not have different branches.
Medium to High cost to avail an online app Low to medium cost to avail an offline app
Recommended if you wish to store your history records and have a backup each time you make changes in records Recommended if there is no requirement to store old and historical records and if backup is not required.

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Article written and submiited by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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