Steps to Begin Learning Artificial Intelligence

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I shared with you’ll the top 10 platforms to promote your blog. Blogging can become a great source of side income for you if done correctly and appropriately. It takes time to generate a huge traffic for your blog and you need to make sure that your blog reaches the right audience and people. (To have a look at the previous article, you can take a look here). Today I’ll be discussing how you can start learning artificial intelligence. As we all know how AI is increasing day by day, it is important and interesting to know how you can learn AI following few simple steps.

Artificial Intelligence is the technology which is dominating today’s information technology industry and also another varied sector of business. It is overcoming all the shortcomings in technology and creating a new dawn in the world of computer science and technology. Artificial intelligence has a number of fields under it which includes image processing, machine learning, predictive systems, data analysis and processing, neural networks and cognitive science, robotics and embedded systems, automated machine intelligence and much more. Every field of artificial intelligence has their own working and in the article, I’ll focus in a generic way, on how can start learning AI.

The learning of Artificial Intelligence can be started by any layman users. It isn’t necessary to know coding or some programming skills, instead, anyone wanting to learn AI can go ahead with it. Though it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to know and learn what AI is and how it can play an important role in your business or in your life.

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Breaking down artificial intelligence in two parts, first, it requires something that is man-made or made by any individual which is termed as “artificial” (not pre-defined, instead it is artificially made and developed) and the next part is “intelligence”. Any intelligence is defined by three major things:

  1. The ability to learn from external environment
  2. The ability to apply logic
  3. The ability to take decision
  4. The ability to prove what decisions are taken and why.

This intelligence needs to be placed in the system artificially and thus it is known as “Artificial Intelligence”. By understanding what AI is, we need to know understand how we can achieve this.

Artificial Intelligence involves a lot of mathematical concepts. The base of any AI problem lies in the model that is created to solve the problem. Every model that is created consists of an algorithm or a set of different algorithms combined together. Creating such algorithms and then moving ahead to create AI models, basic math concepts are essential. The math concepts that you should refer initially before starting with AI should involve the following:

  1. Basic math skills which involve matrix and set theory
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. Calculus techniques
  4. Statistical techniques and approaches.

By gaining knowledge about these skills, the journey to learn and know AI becomes much easier. Once you understand the math behind the systems, you need to now make yourself aware in the field of computer systems and machines.

Artificial Intelligence means machines working in the same way as we humans do. Thus it is important to understand your machine ( a machine which will have intelligence in it). The hardware components of machine involving the processor, the capacity and the speed of the system. All these parameters in the hardware are very important for any AI program to run efficiently and accurately. The system to run smoothly also requires having a high processing graphics card, in order to solve graphical problems which involve problems related to image and multimedia processing. Thus to achieve the different types of processing such as text processing, the multimedia processing including audio, video and images, 3D image processing and more, we require a high-end graphic enabled the system.

Next step is to make your goal clear about what you need to achieve? Artificial Intelligence has different solutions to the same problem. You can achieve the end result by applying a number of different algorithms to the same set of data, but the question here lies is what is your end goal and how much accuracy do you wish to have? Depending on such question, you need to select a proper algorithm to achieve your goal. A number of different algorithms are present which helps you achieve and get great results. Some of them are linear regression, Bayesian approach, support vector machines, supervised learning algorithms, unsupervised learning and more. (If you are a non-technical person, don’t worry about such terms. These terms represent the different algorithm through which a problem can be solved and solution can be obtained). This step focuses on how your model should work.

Once you know the math, the system and the algorithm through which your model will work, last step is to put down all this together and start implementing it. You need to make sure that after learning all these steps and coming down in the list, you need to understand and learn the basic of any one programming language that can help you create AI solutions. Majorly Python is used in order to perform artificial intelligence related tasks and create AI systems. Understanding the basics of it, you can then start implementing your model and create your own AI.


To sum it up, there are majorly four steps to learn and start creating your own AI:

  1. Understand the mathematical concepts behind the algorithm.
  2. Understand and know your hardware and computer system (the one you will make your AI run).
  3. Learn what the different algorithms are and select the most appropriate one, based on your goal and result.
  4. Lastly, put all the above steps together and start coding in any one programming language.

I am sure this article will help you in gaining knowledge about artificial intelligence and learning how AI can be implemented and developed.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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