Team: One of the most important asset in your Business

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I detailed about digital and online learning can help you in pursuing a new skill. Technologies are changing and thus it affects the changes in the business. With such constant changing environment in the industry, it is important to embrace the change and keep yourself updated with new and innovative skills. Updating your skillset keeps you apart from the competition and increases your demand in the market. Though no matter what skill you possess, the team that you work with matters a lot. A team of your business or of any business is one of the most important assets in helping you grow your business.

Business starts and survives with the help of many people connecting and working together. No business can move far ahead without the help of like-minded people and a good team. A team is one of the biggest and the most important asset any business, company or an organization must possess. Business not just focused on information technology or computer science, but business ranging from a small shop to a large multinational corporation, every business strength lies in their employees’ work, which forms a team. A team can help the business achieve more growth, more profits and get more prospective clients. Every business is looking forward to growing and put up a mark in the world with their products and services, but no business can achieve this amount of success without the help of an efficient and skillful team.

A team is defined as a set of people coming together to achieve one common goal. The common goals can be anything which helps the business grow. Teamwork is not just limited to business and organization, in fact, teamwork can be used and made to implement in every possible way. Teamwork can be used at your home to finish the daily chores much easier and faster by assigning tasks to the people in the house, teamwork can be made to use in schools and colleges wherein students can be assigned with various tasks, teamwork can be used in the field of sports and athletics where a group of team works in order to win the match or the game, teamwork can be used in the field of business where different teams work for different business goals.

A team can have people with similar or dissimilar skills, depending on the type of people you have in your team and also it depends on the goal to achieve by the team. For example, if you are expecting your team to achieve the goal of hiring more candidate and also gaining more profit for your business, then your team will comprise people with HR and management skills and also people with finance skills that will help in recruiting and gaining more profit respectively. Every team is unique in its way of working and each team has a goal to achieve. Without a goal, the team is of no use and thus it is important to have a purpose initially for the team.

The reason that it is one of the most important assets for your business is that every team works for a motive and a purpose. That purpose is related to the growth of your business. The focus is to deliver and create innovative solutions that will help not only the business grow but it will also help the team to grow internally in a good way. The job of a team is to work together with a different set of people (may include same skill or different) for a common goal which is to achieve higher results. Limiting the scope to only businesses, a team can be formed in different departments depending on the working, some of the team that can be formed are as follows:

  1. HR: A group of professionals which will take care of the recruitment process for your business. The goal is to hire talented people in the organization which will prove to be an asset in the company’s growth.
  2. Finance: A group of people which will be responsible for the company’s accounts, profits and balance sheets. The inflow and outflow of the organization will be handled by the finance. The motive is to reduce expenses and increase the income, so as to achieve high profits.
  3. Marketing: The marketing department is focused in order to market the products and services to other consumers and businesses. The people in this team comprises of the ones who have a great public speaking skill and ability to express and sell ideas.
  4. PR: The PR is the public relation (PR) team which takes care of the press releases of the business and also everything that is related to the news and media. The presence of your business in the world through media is the job of the PR team.
  5. Administrative and Operational: The operational department takes care of the back end work, data processing, and other administrative tasks.

The above-mentioned teams are very generic, which are usually in most of the companies and businesses. There may be other teams and departments also depending on the business model of the organization. Every team works for the betterment of the company and it is thus the responsibility of the business to take care of their employees’ and their teams. You make your team happy and your team will make your business grow and make you happy.

Take care of your team and your Business will flourish.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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