How Web and Mobile Analytics can help your Business

Hello, everyone! In the previous article, as I talked about the latest feature of WhatsApp which is the “Delete for everyone” feature. It allows you to delete sent messages from a group or a personal chat. This feature was requested by a large set of audience and WhatsApp has finally come up with the same. (To know more, check out the previous article here). Today, I’ll be focusing on how analyzing your website and mobile application can help you grow your business. The analytics that is provided can be of a great help if used appropriately. So let us know more about how it can be beneficial for the overall business.

Digital technologies, smart devices, and presence on the World Wide Web has increased exponentially as compared to the previous initial years of the internet. Today people judge your business based on the website you have, based on what presence you possess on the internet, what are the ratings for your business online and many other attributes which people nowadays consider in order to judge or know a business. But is it true always? It might be, because of today if you don’t have a website, then you are out of the competition already. Having an online presence puts you in the league & race and post that, your product or service decides whether you will win the race or not. With such immense amount of competencies, it is important that you know your audience for the business.

Every business boils down to their target audience. If you are launching a product or service for the youth, it is irrelevant to target audience above the age of 35 or 40, as your main set of the audience will be from the age group of 18-30. Similarly, if a product or service is designed for elderly people, targeting youth won’t help generate business. To understand your audience is the key. How can you achieve that? Every product or service that is designed, developed and deployed has gone through the phase of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). During the deployment of the MVP, you tend to understand your audience. People using it, liking it, disliking it, reviewing it and much more can be understood. All this is possible with the help of analytics.

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Analytics meaning you analyze the data that you get whenever a user accesses your website (if you have a website) or whenever a user downloads your application (if you have a mobile app). Some might make use of both if you have web and associated mobile app for it or vice versa. Analytics provides you tons of great information which can be very beneficial for your business. Analytics creates a valuable meaning to the traffic that comes to either your website or mobile app or both. Once you get the information of the traffic on your website and app, you are bound to know who is using your website and who is downloading your application. Besides this, there is much other information provided by analytics.

Analytics of your website and mobile app doesn’t include analyzing your business data, instead, it analyses the traffic that comes to your business website or business app. This analysis provides a detailed information of the set of users who come across your website and who actually visit your business to gain information and other details. Following are the details that are provided by web and mobile analytics:

  1. The number of people visiting your website or the number of people downloading your mobile application.
  2. A total number of people who come to the website but go away quickly before 5 seconds. This is known as the bounce rate of a website. In case of mobile application, you get to know the total number of uninstalls for your application.
  3. Demographics of the user is known. Demographics meaning the country, city, age group, gender of the user can be known with the help of analytics.
  4. Device property can be fetched by applying analytics on the web or mobile app downloads. Device property here means, which device has more access like desktop, tablets, mobile devices and likewise. Also, the operating system of the device is known.
  5. Compare reports with previous history performance on the web or Android.
  6. Understand where the user is navigating on your website and which part of the app or website, the user is using more. Gain real-time information and also know the viewing time (session) on the page the user has navigated.
  7. And many more insightful details which might help you target better audience and generate more leads for the business.

There are many companies providing analytics free and there are many providing with premium features and services also. If you are into running a small and medium enterprise, then you can take advantage of the free analytics version provided by major companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and much more.

So for whom are you waiting for? Start analyzing the traffic of your website now and understand what your audience is looking for. If you are not aware of the usage of analytics, hire an expert and start web and mobile analytics for your website and mobile application respectively.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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