WhatsApp Old Status Update to be Back Soon

Hey guys! How you all doing? Hope you had a great time celebrating the festival of colors, “Holi” (Holi is an Indian Festival). So there goes on my next article on some fresh and recent news from the tech industry. Thinking about Holi, makes us all think about different colors (the colors with which we tend to play Holi), these colors makes me remind of the fact that users and people were unhappy with the recent status update of WhatsApp and they seemed to think that WhatsApp has lost its actual impact, its actual color.

But hold on guys. WhatsApp has given an active ear to its consumer’s reviews and feedback on its recent update launch. They have actually and genuinely made concerned for their users (might be due to the negative reviews that were spreading all over the internet) regarding the old status. The old status here in WhatsApp depicts that status, which lasts permanent and which won’t vanish after 24 years. So the good news for all WhatsApp users is: “WhatsApp is bringing their Old Status Update Back.” To look for more on social media briefs and about the article on WhatsApp’s new status update feature.

Last month, WhatsApp came up with an update, which was very much similar to that of Snapchat stories features. The feature allowed users to post their status as stories. It means that whatever status you post, it will be vanished after 24 hours. You can post an image along with your status. Initially we only had text based status, now we have image and text both. This was their recent update last month. Due to this, the text status feature was suspended and removed from WhatsApp.

While the new feature was definitely interesting, it did not go down well with WhatsApp users. WhatsApp, in an aim to be appealing to the young users, managed to annoy them instead. People had always associated WhatsApp with a simple, straightforward layout and the new update had gotten too much for some. Since the launch, WhatsApp had been completely trolled on social media platforms. Many users criticized on WhatsApp’s decision to eliminate the text update feature and now it seems the company is bringing back the feature.

Though the giant is not going to remove their stories feature, they are additionally putting in the old status feature (text status that lasts permanent) in their new update. The new WhatsApp update has been already launched for the Beta Testers and is under the testing phase. The beta version of the application revisits the old memories of their old status update feature. The updated ‘Status’ which can be used to share videos, images and GIFs is still active under its respective tab and the old text-based status update has been pushed under the ‘About’ of a user.

Also it is rumoured around, that the new update consisting of the old status update, will contain some new privacy settings. It will allow users to manage their privacy setting more securely and in a more encrypted manner.

WhatsApp is likely to roll out the update for all Android users in the coming weeks. WhatsApp recently added features like video calling, GIF support and easy call forwarding with its latest updates. A recent iOS update of the app brought the ability to queue messages when an Internet connection is absent, and also brought a new storage usage screen along with the ability to share 30 photos or video in a go.

So I personally think, that this time, WhatsApp is all set to win back their users heart and will bring back the color in their life back, as they were with the old WhatsApp.

Few references were fetched from: The Indian Express.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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