WhatsApp rolls out “Delete for Everyone” feature

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I discussed the 5 major fields that come under Artificial Intelligence and how they are changing the way things work. The 5 major fields mentioned in the previous article, are the ones which are majorly used, commercially as well as for research oriented work. (To have a look at the 5 major AI fields, click here). Today, I’ll share with you’ll the latest news in the industry about WhatsApp. WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature which might be useful to a number of users using the application.

Billions of information are shared through the internet and over the web, each day and everyone of are using social media. With such high usage and with so much information transferring and exchanging, many times there are irrelevant, inaccurate and inappropriate information and data transferred with one another. In order to overcome this, it is important that there is a provision to revoke the sent message. Many social media allow you to delete a post once published, but no messaging platform offers this. Once you send a message, you are not able to delete it and this feature has now been added by one of the largest messaging platform, WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp, as you all know is one of the largest messaging platformHello Hello, everyone! In my last article, I discussed how 5 major fields of Artificial H where millions and billions of messages, texts, documents, and media is shared between users. WhatsApp allows you to share multimedia content, contact information, location information, documents and much more with just an internet connection. There are no subscription plans to use WhatsApp, no complex passwords or pins to remember, instead, it works only with an internet connection. With tons of different updates by WhatsApp like WhatsApp Stories (Status update for 24 hours), Text Update Status for 24 hours, Security Updates and much more. Recently WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature which allows you to delete the message once sent.

There are cases where you might wish to delete a message once you have sent it and now by user requests demand, WhatsApp has brought this new feature where it allows you to delete the message once sent. It allows you to delete the message only 7 minutes before you have sent it. Once it crosses 7 minutes, you can delete the message. Also if you have deleted the message for all recipients, the text as “This message has been deleted” is shown to the other user. Messages in a group chat as well as in a personal chat can be deleted and revoked once sent.

The new WhatsApp “delete for everyone” feature summary is as follows:

  1. You can delete messages for everyone in a group as well as in a personal chat.
  2. Messages can only be deleted before 7 minutes of the message sent. If it is more than that, the message cannot be deleted.
  3. If you have deleted the message, a text is shown as “This message has been deleted”.
  4. There are three options in the updated version of WhatsApp which are:
    1. Delete for me: Messages are deleted only at your (sender’s) end and not the recipient’s end.
    2. Delete for everyone: Messages are deleted at both the senders and recipients end.
    3. Cancel: If you don’t wish to delete a message on either end.
  5. The feature only works if both the sender and receiver have an updated version of WhatsApp.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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