WhatsApp: The Latest “Status” Update Feature

Hello folks. Hope you having a great time reading our articles and blog. I am here with the latest tech update and latest information which is creating a lot of news in the tech industry. The news is about such an application, which is not trending only in the IT industry, but also in each one of us lives. Yes, the name of the application if WhatsApp.

Plenty of social media applications we have and each one of them, has their own advantages and uses. Talking about the latest feature of WhatsApp, I will also provide a brief and other social media platform and their respective main uses.

Social Media platforms were developed in order to help people connect with each other irrespective of their distance with each other. Keeping this in mind, we started socialising and soon social media become a part of our daily life. These mediums are also used for branding, promotional campaigns of companies and organizations and to connect with influencers throughout the world.

Some of the major social media platforms that are used nowadays are:

  1. Facebook: From the age of 16 years to 60 years, every person is on this platform. The major use of this platform is to connect, share, and be a part of someone’s life through the medium of internet where physical distance is no longer required. Used for both Personal and Professional.
  2. LinkedIn: Majorly used by professional to hire and recruit workforce in their respective organizations. Also to showcase your brand to the professionals who are on LinkedIn?
  3. Twitter: One of the oldest and the most used social media platform is twitter. It is not exactly a social media site, instead it’s a micro-blogging site. Allows you to express your thoughts with a restrictions on the number of words you use. Used mainly to brand yourself.
  4. Snapchat: Used majorly by the youth. It is used to create random stories, which can be of your day to day life, can be related to your work. Be it any story you wish to share with people, you can upload it on snapchat and enjoy getting likes and comments from all over the world. Each story is flushed out after 24 hours. (Removed from the feed).
  5. Instagram: Used by youngsters more, but nowadays even companies are switching over to it, in order to get more reach with the youth. Only allows posting pictures and images with some captions. Recently even Instagram started the feature of posting stories which vanishes out after 24 hours. And the latest update, as we all know is that it has now allowed users to post multiple photos in a single post (as an image slider or carousel).
  6. WhatsApp: Here comes are main talk of the article. Application was launched by two veteran engineers, after gaining huge success and customer base was bought by Facebook and now is solely maintained and developed by Facebook. Used in our day to day life to communicate with one another. This application has replaced the traditional Short Messaging Service (SMS) based functions in the mobile phones.

So as we will focus more on WhatsApp and its new feature, it was equally important to know short briefs about the above mentioned social media platforms.

Initially when Snapchat became extremely trending among the youth with its new and innovative feature of sharing stories which would last only 24 hours, the effect was on Instagram users. Knowingly or unknowingly, Instagram users spent more time on snapchat, and less on Instagram. The feature of “Snap a Story” excited them more, rather than just posting normal pictures. This made Instagram upgrade its application and after that, we all are aware that Instagram after that too had the feature of stories. For Instagram users, it was termed as “Insta Stories”.

When users found that Instagram was rather copying features from snapchat, Instagram launched another quick update, which consisted of live video share, hands-free video recording and more. This was provided as an add-on to the insta users. But the popularity of snapchat remained same amongst youth. Though Instagram was praised for the new updates and features it added, snap remained in the league.

During this phase of the rivalry between snapchat and Instagram, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook.

After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, number of updates were made, following are the updates that were launched:

  1. In the very first update, WhatsApp started allowing the sharing of document files (included PDF, DOC and Excel Sheets).
  2. The second update that WhatsApp had, was to grant access to Facebook, in order to get better ad results, which in turn will improve the customer experience.
  3. The third update was to play videos, while downloading them. Also supporting GIF images.
  4. The fourth update was to increase the number of sharing multiple pictures in a single instance. Initially WhatsApp allowed only 10 pictures to share in a single time. Now it allows 30 pictures.
  5. The fifth update was launched in order to optimize it, fixing bug, reducing the memory usage and improving user experience by sharing large multimedia data (audio, video and images).

After these many updates, realizing that the “Story” features is still popular among the youth and young users, WhatsApp announced its update on Thursday which changed the previous “Status” feature of WhatsApp altogether.

The present feature of WhatsApp is: It allows users to post their status as stories. It means that whatever status you post, it will be vanished after 24 hours. You can post an image along with your status. Initially we only had text based status, now we have image and text both.

WhatsApp’s new “Status” feature is now available to all users across the globe on iPhone, Android and windows devices.

The “Status” feature lets users share photos, GIFs or videos overlaid with drawings, emoji’s and a caption that will be visible to selected friends for 24 hours, before disappearing. Status updates are now end-to-end encrypted.

This feature though launched in the update, is not appreciated by a large set of consumers of WhatsApp. Their (Users) take on this feature is that it is not good and it has spoilt the fun of using WhatsApp.

The latest update has the following new features and updates on improving other previous features, which are:

  1. Call Back
  2. GIF Sharing Support.
  3. GIF Search
  4. Video Calling
  5. Enhance Images with Emoji’s and Doodles
  6. Optimized Video Calling Feature for India.
  7. Support for 10 languages
  8. Supports 30 media files at once.

Status will change that use case for the first time. It also potentially opens the door to messages from businesses, or rather, advertisers. WhatsApp said more than a year ago that it was looking at ways that businesses could send messages to its users in an unobtrusive and useful way.

That has always sounded like a tall order — businesses ultimately want to persuade people, not just inform them — and particularly difficult given the chatting system that’s at the centre of WhatsApp itself.

Users can control who can see their “Status” update by selecting among the three options in WhatsApp’s privacy settings.

Users can also see who has viewed their Status update by tapping the eye icon at the bottom of any Status update. WhatsApp has been rolling out updates and features to make the app more secure for its users. The social networking app recently rolled out a two-step verification process for all devices to enhance the security of users’ accounts.

Concluding with this, I would really want to know what are your takes on the new update of WhatsApp?

Are you happy with the newly launched update or wished that the old “Status” update was better that “Status as Stories” update?

Do like, share and don’t forget to comment your views on the update of WhatsApp.

Enjoy Reading!

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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