Why your Web Presence plays an Important Role for your Branding and Recognition

Hello, everyone! In my last article, I explained a detailed yet crisp article on the steps to begin learning artificial intelligence. The article being completely non-technical is a must read for everyone who wishes to learn and start something with the field artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is growing at an amazing rate and each one of us should have a look at the article. (For the ones who didn’t read the previous article, click here to read the article now). Today, I’ll be focusing on how your web presence can help you get more brand awareness and recognition? How can it be achieved? Why it plays a crucial and an important role in branding? So let us see what importance does your web presence has.

Today is the time of digitization. Be it a business or any individual providing freelancing service, it is very important to become part of the World Wide Web and join the global community of like-minded professionals through the internet. Ever thought why is it so? Why has it become so important? Don’t worry, I’ll list down the reason and try to explain about why being active on the web can help you get more opportunities and more exposure. Nowadays with just a click of a button, you can view crores of valuable information, you can buy goods worth many lakhs and you can access and communicate with other people as well and much more. With so many things that you can do, internet and the web have made countless options and opportunities to work and connect with the world.

The World Wide Web joins millions and billions of people together all across the globe and it allows them to communicate, to gain information, to transact and to do a lot more by just having a device that has good internet connection. By such a huge network of millions and billions of people connected over a single medium that is the web, it creates an opportunity for them (you) to stand apart and to make themselves (yourself) recognized in this global community. With such huge community of people having varied interests and likability factor, it is a great way to showcase your brand and make it recognize.

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With social media being a necessity of many people lives, you need to understand that how social media and the internet plays an important role in any person’s life. People rely on what is shared on their social media and they check out new products or service from there itself if they are planning to buy one. So if you wish to gain some recognition online, you need to start using social media and know what the user likes or dislikes. Besides social media, there also many communities which help you get right answers for your questions, such websites are known as Question and Answer (Q&A) forums. One such example of a Q&A platform is Quora. On Quora, you can ask any kind of question and you will get the answer. Also, you can answer and help others find the right answer. By doing this you get recognized among other members.

You can also start a blog to get recognized on the web. Find your interest, your liking, and your passion and start writing and share your experiences with the world. How does this help? You write something, the other person reads it and gains some information. If you write it well, share great and interesting things, the person might like and will return to your blog. This helps in creating your own identity on the web. Besides blogging, there are other side hustles that you can choose to do and gain recognition online.

Why is it important? Be it a 14-year-old young boy/girl or a 64-year-old man/woman, everyone is using the internet and trying to gain some information. People are constantly reading articles, sharing the news with one another, connecting with other people and also doing business through the online medium. To make sure you are recognized or your business brand stands apart, you need to reach to your set of audience in every possible way you can. One of the biggest ways to reach a large set of the audience is by using the online medium. It connects you with a large audience by just a click and allows you to increase your reach and presence. This increase in reach makes you stand apart from the crowd and also creates an impression of your brand as long-lasting one.

The web has reached to billions of people as the internet has become cheap and it is readily available to people in all corners of the world. Also, it provides with real-time information and access to a number of different things based on your liking and interests and accordingly you can make use of it. The web consists of an infinite number of resources where you can make yourself and your brand come alive and create a long lasting impression among the web users.

To list down the advantages of being present on the web, the following are the points you can take a note of:

  1. Global Reach.
  2. Ability to connect with millions and billions of people.
  3. Chance to avail countless opportunities.
  4. You can start your own business.
  5. A side hustle can generate more income and profit for you.
  6. Increased business and personal brand awareness.
  7. Ability to be an influencer for the world.
  8. Stand apart from the crowd, higher chance to attract more connections, be it for your business or for a personal brand.
  9. And much more.

So why not be a part of the online world and start doing what you do through the World Wide Web and also help others know what you do by sharing your experiences and knowledge.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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