Women were Queens, but they are now the Kings as well!

Hello everyone. Before I begin with my article and my thoughts about it, I would like to wish all the beautiful girls, women, ladies and to every female, A very Happy Women’s Day. It’s your day today, it was your day yesterday, and it will forever be your day in the near future as well. This world is incomplete without you’ll, indeed no one would ever exist, if there were no women in this world. We exist because you all do.

Before jumping into the major achievements, inspiring quotes and how women are all set to conquer the world, I would like to thank and dedicate this to not only inspiring women, women entrepreneurs or to only those females who have achieved something in life. No. Instead, it is dedicated to every woman, every sister, every mother and every female human being to exists and to spread love, spread respect, imbibe qualities in the next generation, just to win this world, merely by existing.

Every woman is beautiful, in their own ways. To sound a bit weird, makeup and all kinds of styling are done by many women, but the fact is that women don’t need any kind of makeup or any styling. They are all beautiful, and just best by soul, by heart and definitely, each woman is stunning by how they look. The past years means talking about the 90s era, was not so good for women, be it in terms of education, dowry, opportunities, work, and other stuff, but time has changed and it has changed tremendously.

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Women are no less than men and they are prospering in every aspect of life, of work be it personal or professional. Women are conquering the world like a queen and of course, they are moving with tremendous growth and speed that they can also be termed as the new Kings of the world. Women are not just meant to do the household jobs and be a homemaker. The tables have turned, things have changed, a new time has evolved and women are ready to jump in the race of life with men.

Being too sweet or polite and might be sounding so-called “feminist”, though being honest Women have now achieved more than men and they have now become more unstoppable than men in terms of success, growth and other aspects of life as well. From our mothers, sisters to the famous and inspiring women in the world, they all are here to teach us, to correct us, to help us grow and to make this world and our life more beautiful and fruitful.

Women are definitely the new Kings of the World. When we talk about entrepreneurship, many new initiatives, are taken forward by young women throughout the world. From reaching the moon by Kalpana Chawla, or being a top-notch management professional, a CEO in the banking sector, Women rule the world. They rule and they are all progressing in order to develop the nation, the world to be a much better place to live in.

A recent survey, which doesn’t give a good news states that, “India, which is yet to step up overall conditions conducive to the success of women entrepreneurs, has ranked among the lowest ‘Women Business.” Women entrepreneurs have been carving out a niche for them across the globe, including India especially in niche and unconventional businesses. However, there is significant potential to harness the untapped potential of women’s entrepreneurship in India.

It said India presents lower opportunities for women to assume leadership roles, participation in the workforce or engagement in entrepreneurial activities – a disparity that explains the low scores for Business Ownership by Women in the country.

“While necessity and grit are often important to foster women entrepreneurship, strong supporting conditions are imperative for ensuring a high business ownership by women. While India is yet to travel a long road for scaling up opportunities that foster women entrepreneurship, the potential presented by the country is vast,” said by MasterCard Advisors.

Considering this in mind and the current scenario, we need to develop and help women reach their complete potential when it comes to the corporate world, entrepreneurship and business. Also, policies and protocols must be designed in such a manner, that people are not biased with gender when it comes to running a business or accomplishing a task. All are equal, and each one of us must have an equal opportunity to work and have a chance to bring in the change there.

A brief and a short list, which includes 10 of the most successful women entrepreneurs. They have overcome failures, embraced the change that took place around based on certain circumstances and has achieved stunning growth and made a mark in the Indian Corporate Sector. They are:

  1. Indu Jain: Chairperson, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd
  2. Shraddha Sharma: Founder and CEO, YourStory Co.
  3. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: Chairman and Managing Director (MD), Biocon Limited.
  4. Indra Nooyi: CFO and President, Pepsi Co.
  5. Vandana Luthra: Founder, VLCC
  6. Naina Lal Kidwai: Country Head and Group General Manager, HSBC Group India.
  7. Chanda Kochar: MD and CEO, ICICI Bank Ltd.
  8. Ekta Kapoor: Founder, Balaji Telefilms (changed the way, people perceive the Indian television).
  9. Suchi Mukherjee: Founder, Limeroad
  10. Richa Kar: Founder, Zivame
  11. Aditi Gupta: Co-founder, Menstrupedia

These women have not only achieved success but inspired every youth, human being that nothing is impossible. To again sound feminist, nothing is impossible for women. They can achieve everything that they dream and desire for.

So be unstoppable, be witty, be a dreamer and don’t let anything in this world stop you from achieving your dreams, ambitions and desires in life. Move ahead and be a King.

Happy Women’s Day to all mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and all the females in this world.

You are the Best and the best part is, you don’t need to prove it to someone.

Happy Women’s Day.


Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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