XBOX One X: Microsoft’s all new and most powerful gaming console

Hello everyone. This one’s for all the hard core gamers and players who love playing games. There are laptops, gaming console and many special devices made and designed especially for gamers so has to have great user involvement and enjoy their playing experience.

Talking about laptops, the one which tops the position in gaming laptops is the Alienware. Alienware are high performing laptops, with terrific processor and very high GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) which makes the processing for the games very good and you can easily have an experience of zero lagging (delay in terms of performance) in terms of playing the game. The display screen, processor and the RAM speed everything matters when you tend to buy a laptop specially designed for gaming.

But what if you buy a device which is just focused on gaming as a whole. Yes talking about PlayStations ranging from PS1 to the currently launched PS4, from Nintendo gaming console to Xbox, there are number of gaming devices and consoles which give you a much better and amazing experience better than gaming laptops.

So in this article I’ll be talking about the currently launched Xbox One X by Microsoft. Microsoft as we all know is one of the largest tech giant, known for its operating system “Windows”. But Microsoft is also into providing clients and business with tons of other products and services. From its wide range of products, one of the goods Microsoft is into, developing gaming consoles and devices. The gaming console by Microsoft is named as Xbox and it has number of different series of devices.

Recently Microsoft has launched its new gaming device which is named XBOX One X. As stated by Microsoft, the device is one of the most powerful gaming console ever made and is also one of the most expensive of all other gaming devices. It power-packs great tech features and specifications and is said to be launched in the month of November.

Xbox One X

The company has already alluded to a number of features on-board, including backward compatibility and processing power that make it “the most powerful game console to date.” It’s a fairly minimalist looking system and, impressively, “the smallest Xbox, ever,” according to the company. The new console is, as advertised, capable of true 4K gaming playback, with HDR video quality and Premium Dolby Atmos, keeping with Microsoft’s long-standing desire to be a full living room entertainment experience, rather than simply a gaming machine.

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Following are some technical specs of the new Microsoft Xbox One X:

  • 6 teraflops of graphical power. Teraflops refers to the overall computer (device) speed. It is the ability to handle number of operations per second. This is more than Sony PS4 Pro.
  • Uses custom GPU engine that runs 1127 MHz (Mega Hertz)
  • Consists of an Ultra Blue-ray drive for 4K movies and entertainment.
  • Storage capacity is said to be 1TB (1 Terabytes = 1000 Gigabytes (1000GB))
  • Features a liquid cooled vapour-chamber cooling inside the device (hardware based).
  • Smallest of all other Xbox’s and with a minimalist design.
  • Xbox One X owners who don’t have a 4K television screen will still get an enhanced visual experience, via a technique known as super-sampling, which reduces native 4K assets for HD TV displays.
  • Premium Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio
  • Visualize every frame with 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth

Expected Release Date and Price:

  • Expected Release Date: 7th November 2017
  • Expected Price: $499 (₹ 32,500 to ₹ 33,000 INR)

Several major titles, including Gears of War 4, Resident Evil 7 and Rocket League are all receiving free, specially enhanced upgrades to take fuller advantage of the extra power of the machine. The system will be compatible with all existing Xbox One games out of the box, along with accessories. No software, no patches are required for the same.

Overall, Microsoft Xbox One X is a tough competition to the Sony PS4 Pro and with the configuration listed, it is a much better deal. Though actual review can only be received once the device hits the market and people use it.

Currently, Xbox One X holds more value than Sony PS4 Pro. So if you are planning to buy a gaming console, then wait for this powerful gaming device.

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Article written and submitted by: Akshay Rakesh Toshniwal

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